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    I am trying the new theme Fusion but am having difficulty with the theme option “Display Full Post or Excerpt”. When I click Excerpt beside “archives show” it changes my regular posts to show excerpts as well. I would like my normal posts to be full and just my archives to be excerpts.

    Does anyone know why this is happening?


    The blog I need help with is


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    Some themes are hardcoded to display excerpts on the front page as well as in categories and archives. Fusion is one of them:



    But I can set the theme option to “full posts”, it just then sets the archives to full posts as well.

    Is there any way for me to manipulate my CSS upgrade to change this? The problem seems that it’s hardcoded for both front page and cat/archives to be the same, whichever option I choose.


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    CSS won’t change how a theme is hardcoded; it works only to modify the appearance.

    Fusion will display full posts on the front page and on category and archive pages.

    If you choose the excerpt option, then it will display your excerpt on front, category, and archive pages.



    Not completely impossible with CSS. My site displays kinda-excerpts on the front page coded with CSS (although it could be a terrible mess in IE for all I know). In Fusion you’d want to add something like the code below. It won’t automatically insert the ellipsis (…) which is normally shown, so the chop might look a bit abrupt:

    body.archive .postbody {height:10em; overflow:hidden;}

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