New theme just added ON DEMAND?

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    Hey i want to know I have an existing site and the them am currently using has audio attachments and stuff & you can play audio and listen to music on the posts.

    Will ON DEMAND give that option where music can be played also or featured? Cause I dont want to buy it and it wont do that for me….

    Thank anyone help.

    The blog I need help with is



    This isn’t theme related at all. The WP audio player doesn’t allow autoplay. See here for alternatives:



    Lolz why does it sound like you have an atittude am sorry If this was the wrong place I asked all you had to say thank you.

    By the way u still didnt answer my question WP Audio Player doesnt allow autoplay I dont to know that I didnt ask if it can auto play wrong question u answered.

    For the new theme just released ON DEMAND does it support playing audio posts or songs attached to the posts?


    She doesn’t sound like she has an attitude at all.

    From what I read, the theme is targeted at videos. I see nothing in the description about audio files. If the audio files were hosted at someplace like youtube or whatever, then it would probably work, otherwise for audio you would have to use the audio player wordpress provides, or use one of the workarounds that Panos covers in the link Timethief provided.



    thank u guys i appreciate it. Sorry again if I was wrong and posted this question in this area.


    No, this was the right place to post about theme related questions.

    The only issue is that we volunteers know nothing about the premium themes since we would have to buy them in order to play with them and figure things out. Staff do monitor the themes forum, so eventually they may reply to this thread.



    Hi jam2vibes,

    Unfortunately On Demand doesn’t have any special treatment for audio posts like Debut and doesn’t have an audio player since it’s targeted for videos. However as thesacredpath said, if the audio file is hosted at, for example, YouTube you are able to add it as a video.



    How do I make the page on individual post wide? It says it can do that but it doesn’t explain how.

    Also, how do I choose which post to display on each category for the secondary channel???

    You guys need to provide guidelines on the Theme Showcase like most of the themes.



    I’ll get some theme documentation added to the forums today.

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