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    I changed my theme from Dusk to the new Twenty Ten theme with no problems. I updated my header, widgets, background, etc. However, my typekit font is not showing up. I’ve successfully used typekit with other themes, so I don’t feel the problem is me not knowing how to use typekit, but rather that I’m either missing something with this new theme, or perhaps it’s just not working. Any help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    I believe all issues with TypeKit Fonts must be taken up with their support staff as they are a third party provider. However, as this is about the new default theme I think you ought to contact Staff.

    1. Scroll up this page and above the blue box click “Support”.
    2. When that page opens look at the right hand side and about half way down you will find “Contact Staff”.
    3. Click that link and complete a support ticket.


    I’m having a similar issue . . . I just changed over as well and have managed to change my post, page and widget titles to my typekit font (went through their support and found the page that shows you what HTML code to look for) but still can’t change my blog title . . . I guess I haven’t fount the right source code for that one yet. Any suggestions? Man am I glad I learned a moderate amount of HTML almost 10 years ago . . . it at least gives me something to start from!




    Any suggestions?

    1. Here’s a tutorial you can refer to tutorial at

    2. If you get stuck then contact TypeKit Fonts Staff directly to get the support you need to use their product.


    I viewed my page source, and it appears that the title is the the <title> and that headers are still <h1> <h2> etc…I am just not sure why this particular page is not recognizing the fonts when all the other themes I’ve tried are. I will send Typekit a message though and see if it clarifies anything.



    Best wishes for a happy ending. :)




    I am having the same problem with the typekit fonts in 2010. I did contact typekit for help with this issue but was told they didn’t know why it wasn’t working either and that they would get back to me. That was over 3 weeks ago and I have not heard anything yet. I also sent a ticket to support here but was directed to go to Typekit…(a vicious circle it appears) So I was wondering if you found a way to do this yet? It is the one thing that has frustrated me to no end. I know what fonts I want and where I want them I just can’t make it work and it should.

    Any suggestions??



    Well 3 weeks waiting for support from Typekit Font Staff is unacceptable. they are a third party provider and we volunteers do not provide support for thrid party providers’ products. That’s their responsibility so I would get back to them and let them know that waiting 3 weeks for support is not going to result in a good advertising scenario for their business.

    In order to use TypeKit Fonts, you do need to be at least a little CSS-savvy, or get very explicit help from someone else because you need to be able to identify the selectors for your theme. Maybe you can learn more about how Typekit works with sites here:



    I agree that a 3 week wait is unacceptable, and that is part of my frustration with this. I have written them a few times inquiring about the delay in response but have gotten no reply to that as well.

    Someone else told me (and for the life of me I can’t remember who) that this issue is not with TypeKit but with WordPress and the way 2010 was designed. Something about how the CSS code was installed that only allows it to recongnize particular fonts from TypeKit?

    I tried the link you provided (I think I have read that one alread somewhere) but it would not open, telling me “the page does not exsist”?

    Thankfully I am a little CSS savvy so that part should be ok. It getting it to accept the font coding that an issue.



    I’m so sorry that was a bad link. I got it from this post by Staff (ThemeShaper) from this thread in the last sentence of the OP

    What I know about CSS would be lonely on the head of a pin. As you are CSS savvy then all you need (I think but I could be wrong) is the link to the CSS stylesheet version to determine the selectors. This may be helpful or not >


    @tfockler60: Tell us what exactly you wanted to change and what selectors you have used.



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    @ panag,

    I want to change the header font to the TypeKit font “Coquette” and the paragraph font to the Typekit font “Tamarillo”.

    As of this post I have not attempted to make changes in the CSS because I did not purchase the upgrade and thought I must do so in order to change anything with in the CSS, so what I have attempted is to follow the directions posted at Typekit and those I could find here to make these changes. Neither seems to be effective. If you or someone else could tell me exactly what to do and where to do it that would be wonderful. It really is the only thing I want to change about my 2010 Theme as I think everything else about it works great for me.

    Here is the link to my blog if you want to look. The installed fonts are just to blocky for my tastes. Both “Coquette” and “Tamarillo” have a handwritten appearance that appeals to me and I would love to be able to display them.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

    And yes I will be writing to TypeKit again in the morning. o.O


    @tfockler60: TypeKit font “Coquette”? Typekit font “Tamarillo”? I’m not seeing either of those on the Typekit font pages.

    When you say header font, you mean the title only, or the tagline and the page tabs as well?



    @ panag, When I say “header font” I meant the Titles and headings above paragraphs.

    Link to the TypeKit font “Coquette”.
    Link to the TypeKit font “Tamarillo”.

    I found them both by going to and typing in the search bar the name for each. :)



    FWIW-unless you have upgraded your Typekit account to at least the Personal plan, those fonts won’t be available for you to use on your blog.


    @tfockler60: First you sign up with Typekit. As Jennifer said, if you sign up for the free/trial version, your choice of fonts will be limited (still, quite a few to chose from). Once you sign up, you’ll be given a Typekit ID which you must add to your blog. Then you go to Typekit again, click the Add button you’ll see next to any of the available fonts, paste the appropriate selectors into the Selectors box, click Add, click Publish. Changes will take a few minutes to propagate.

    For the content of your posts in general, the selector is:

    For headings:

    For post titles:

    Note that many selectors are theme specific: if you switch to another theme, you may have to edit the fonts you have chosen and change some of the selectors. You can see all the selectors if you go to Appearance > Edit CSS and click “view original stylesheet” (but if you have no experience in HTML and CSS, it’ll be scary!). If you use Firefox, you can use an add-on (Firebug or Aardvark) that helps examine the CSS of your blog page.



    The list of Typekit fonts available under the Trial version is listed here



    Thank you Panaga.



    Well I finally got a reply from TypeKit and thanks to Panag and his directions I finally got this to work with 2010. It appears there was a glich on TypeKits end and they now have it fixed.

    So…thanks again to all that helped here and happy blogging.

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