New Theme Notepad – how to do it.

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    Hi guys

    I love this theme, especially the top page navigation….however after going into the themes etc, I cant work out how to get the widgets to go to the top of the page rather than the side bar…

    Can anyone help please?


    The blog I need help with is


    You cannot put widgets at the top. Only in the sidebar.

    For the twitter, facebook and such icons, go to appearance > theme options and put in the links to those accounts that you have and the icons will then appear above the post area.


    So how come they are able to in this link :

    It worked in that picture


    Those aren’t widgets. Like I said, go to appearance > theme options and enter your facebook, twitter, etc. URL’s and then those icons will show up.

    There is no top widget area on that theme. That area is only for the built-in social networking links (appearance > theme options).



    What you see in the top dark brown horizontal navigation bar bar are links to static pages. You and I have been all round the block about how to create creating static pages, and how they are different from posts several times now.


    Hi guys
    Ah right, thankyou both for explaining that, TT I didnt realise that , sorry :D So basically apart from what thesacredpath said, it is made by static pages??


    PS TT, how do you get the static pages at the top though rather than in the sidebar….or was that explained previously?



    1. Social networking icons are not widgets.
    2. Widgets in this theme can only be displayed in the sidebar.
    3. Instructions cor creating static pages are found here >
    4. This theme has drop-downs to “child” pages also known as sub-pages from parent pages.


    ok thanks :D



    You’re welcome. :)


    PS RE these child pages, known as sub pages, can we make them ourselves??



    Yes, please read the instructions for static pages I linked to above. You create a sub-page or child page by first creating a static page and then assigning it to another parent page.



    When you create a static page you can assign it to be either a Parent page which will display a page tab in the horizontal menu (dark brown band), or you can assign it to be a “child page” of any other Parent page you choose, and it will automatically display a dropdown beneath the Parent page you assigned it to.

    So create a static page and then look in the right hand column and find “Attributes”. Below that you will see the following – click and make your Parent or child Page assignment there.

    Page Parent

    You can arrange your pages in hierarchies. For example, you could have an “About” page that has “Life Story” and “My Dog” pages under it. There are no limits to how deeply nested you can make pages.



    If you need to see illustrations and read a longer “how-to” descriptions of how to create parent pages and child pages then see here >



    Wow, wish they’d add those theme option to other themes.


    Thanks TT, I have just looked at that link, and surpringly earlier on, i decided to investigate and look while I had 5 mins and saw exactly whats on your site :D I think I am going to enjoy doing this, and hopefully will be pleased with the result!

    I will let you know how I go on here, if you like? :D



    Currently, the Bueno, Enterprise (2 dropdown levels – Top for Pages & subpages – Bottom for 10 Categories & sub-categories), iNove, Inuit Types, Monochrome, Neutra, Notepafe, Sandbox 1.6.1, Structure, Twenty Ten, Titan and Vostok themes are the only ones that have dropdowns to child pages from parent pages in the top horizontal menu. As you are using Vigilance that means you have to use a Pages widget to provide access to child pages.
    Hope this helps. :)



    Sure you can keep us updated on how you do with this, and if you need more help the Volunteers will provide it. :)

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