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New theme OULIPO has no article introducing it

  1. I clicked to my Dashboard > Themes and noticed that there is ane theme called OULIPO....... yet there is no mention of it in the WordPress pages. There is the article on the new Coraline theme, but not the newer OULIPO. Is it coming soon? ~Peregrine

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sometimes announcements are behind the curve.

    There is however a new announcement on a twitter-tweet button.

  3. Sometime they release themes before they make the announcement I checkout the new them on my test blog and I am not liking what the theme has to offer...

  4. Apparently there will be shortly, because if you activate the theme, there is a link to a News entry about it, though it is not functioning currently.

    One thing I can say right now is that the navigation in the Gallery needs some love. The previous/next links are too far down the page.

  5. Is that a new option where they link to the article about the theme because Inove has it to Screen Capture →

  6. I think the "recently added" themes each have a link to their respective News entry about them, but you only see it once you've activated the theme. Check it out. :)

  7. The announcement should be later today.

    We often launch shortly before the blog post. Why? We've done that since 2005 and it seems to work okay :)

  8. Ok. Call my faithless, but I love to try out the new themes as they are born here in WorePress. I also love clicking onto all those Tag links just to see how the themes look and how different people use them.

    I like the clean look of Ouilipo and I applied it to my test blog (unfortunately not the same content as my main blog so I cannot get an accurate comparison) and see that there are no instructions for a picture header. I uploaded a picture (horses) and it becomes part of the topmost post, rendering both the post text and the picture ruined.

    One other thing:

    I like having a background color, but keeping the text field/background white. That is one of the plusses of my present theme (Greyzed) in my main blog.


  9. Slikbones, I clicked on the link you posted above, but got an “It isn't there” message. :-) ~Peregrine

  10. You folks are wonderfully keen-eyed. I love it!

    Oulipo isn't quite ready—we will launch it first thing next Monday.

    @justjennifer is correct, all themes that have a published blog post now have a link to the post. In this case we'll hide that link until the theme is launched Monday.

    @lornakismet I'd suggest setting the horse picture as a custom header, not a custom background. Oulipo works best with solid color backgrounds since as you say the content area does not have a background color of its own.

  11. Lance, I did indeed set the picture of the horses in the HEADER link as opposed to the Background link. There was no info for header size limitations, only a chance to Browse and Upload that which was selected.

    Oulipo looks very smart. I see that having the blog name and tagline in the left sidebar renders the text column shorter than it normally would be. The upside is that the look is chic and cool. The downside is that it steals width from the text field.


  12. MY BAD MY BAD MY VERY VERY BAD! Lance, I was in error when I told you that I uploaded via the Header link. I just went back to make sure and ha! the Header page had the picture dimensions that the blogger must use.

    So now I will fix my picture and see what happens.


  13. I wasn't aware it was new but perhaps that's because I took an absence from WP for a bit. That being said, I am using Oulipo for one of my blogs and a post from this afternoon is showing up like a sticky post of sorts rather than letting my next post take its place at the top. I wonder if this is because the theme is new...

  14. Nevermind, although no sticky ever enabled, I decided to delete last two posts and repost them. Hopefully this glitch will be resolved in Oulipo/WP soon.

  15. @lance: the link to the published blog post doesn't appear until after you enable the theme. We need a link beforehand in order to read and make intelligent choices. It may not be a big deal if you're just starting your blog, but if you are transitioning from something else, it certainly would be helpful.

    And, BTW, is there really any point in enabling it for Pressrow? You know, just saying, although I had a wonderful trip down memory lane last night at 2am reading blog entries from 2006 when stats could still be counted in 5 and 6 digits. Maybe it would be entirely better not to offer people to begin using the theme now so there are fewer problems later. Just a thought.

  16. @jennifer, Pressrow is no longer available to choose in your dashboard.

  17. Oh good! Must be a very recent thing because I enabled it on my test blog last night. :)

  18. Yeah, hopefully they have a warning the comes up when people try and switch away from Pressrow to try something different telling them they won't be able to switch back. That was one of my suggestions I offered to Automattic (Matt).

  19. BTW, it was Panos that discovered it was no longer in the theme listings.

    Well now I have to wait for 30 seconds or so to post this. Seems the posting delay is back for me. Happens every time the tweak the forums.

  20. And... Oulipo is now live:

    @justjennifer Thanks for the feedback on where the post links appear. It's really just a temporary measure until we get a full Themes listing here on the Support site that lists each theme, its features, and ideas for usage. Until then we're using that extra link as a way give a little extra information for a just-activated theme.

    @thesacredpath Thanks for your feedback as always, Rich. We've learned a lot of lessons this week and we'll be doing things much differently next time around.

  21. Having a page outside of any blog that would allow anyone to look at and click the preview buttons to see the Theme. Needing to log-in to see or explain a Theme to someone is not real friendly.

    Having all the Themes so they can be seen outside of a blog would be great marketing.

  22. -LK, You received that massage because I removed the screen shot from my image hosting account because I am alloted only so much bandwidth a month through

  23. @auxclass That's the plan exactly. :)

  24. Way good! I have seen many people come by the Forum with "is there a Theme that does this" and not having the ability to link to suggested Themes is frustrating


  25. heatheringemar

    If Oulipo offers a custom header, shouldn't there be a way to hide the title/tagline text?

    (I posted this in the Support forum, too)

  26. @heatheringemar Not necessarily, some themes have quite a separation between header image placement and title/tagline. Oulipo is one of those cases. For themes where the title/tagline are displayed on top of (or very close to) the image—we try to provide the option to hide the text.

    But it's a great suggestion—we'll certainly consider adding that as an option in the future.

    To hide the menu, you could create an empty Custom Menu.

  27. @heatheringemar: Oulipo is by no means an isolated case; see here:
    Usually there's no Hide Text option if the title and tagline are't inside the header image area.
    You can always hide them if you have the paid CSS ugrade.

  28. @heatheringemar

    HIde text/taglines

    You could make a custom menu:
    Add a new menu called "blank"
    Use a custom link: http://YOUR_BLOG
    For the label type in & nbsp ; without the spaces. That's the code for a blank space (If I typed it without the spaces here, you'd see only a blank space.)
    Add to you "blank" custom menu.
    Select Primary Navigation —> blank

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