new theme plz?

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    I have some wordpress themes ( and I was wondering if you would consider adding them?? I have one thats called “Hot Pink” and is a basic tables template with a pink theme.

    I also have a theme called imageless that doesn’t have a screenshot on the site right now. Its design is a tables layout with 3 columns and the 2 side columns are just black and the middle is the blog area. all the way at the bottom is the “sidebar” so to speak.



    Staff has asked that all theme requests be sent into them by feedback. The button is on the top right hand corner of any blog page and it’s a good idea to include a link back to this thread for staff to follow.



    you should submit this to feedback so that the wp team can have a look at your theme. they don’t read every thread in the forums.

    your imageless theme should come with a screenshot! i’m so un-techie i don’t really know how it looks like even with a text description of it.

    good luck!

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