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    Thank you for developing this new theme feature / accessibility. I am not quite sure how to use the feature without the new theme that I may be previewing affecting my current (Andreas 9)theme and layout. Can someone please teach me how to use this tool / feature?

    Thank you very much. Craig



    The whole idea of the theme preview is that it won’t affect your current layout at all :) In your dashboard, just click on the screenshot of the theme you want to preview. A popup window will appear showing you how the theme would look if you applied it to your blog. You can then choose to apply the theme, or just close the window and try another. Hope that helps.


    Thank you for your input wank. I will check it out. Have a pleasant day.




    If you’ve changed the CSS using the CSS Upgrade and then try to preview a different theme, the new theme will still use your custom CSS and will probably make the new theme look waaaay different.

    This is a bug that needs fixing.



    i’m not sure that can be counted as a bug per se. After all, if you’re knowledgeable enough to have used custom CSS, aren’t you knowledgeable enough to realize it will apply to a new theme, too?


    I for one have had a great time nondestructively playing with the preview to see what my blog would look like with other themes. It’s a wonderful new feature.



    Yes, it’s good to have this feature finally. Now we just need a decent selection of colors.


    I’d like to see them offer some of the existing designs with different colors, or alternately build it into the themes so that we could select different color sets. I’m not a coder, so I don’t know how much trouble that would be for WP.



    I would like to see standardized theme layouts all with the same functionality for 1, 2 column and 3 column themes, including the feature of being able to change colours.

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