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    wordpress needs more of fluid width themes, i have been searching the web for long but found only a few themes that were good enough, now that theme team is in place for a year (?) have them work on a few fluid width themes for journalistic types, journalist 1.3 (though not fluid) by Lucian was a great theme, but is now deprecated, bring in themes with good typography and cleaner interfaces, bold may be good for some, but most like me prefer simpler, low-profile looks, sober as one can say!

    why fluid? well one because we have average display resolutions more than the default/retro 800X600, agreed has more of the geeky kids. but then fluid is good for 800 even or 600 of Gruber, classic is a good theme but typography isn’t suitable, not everyone wants to buy the upgrade, (or is it that you guys are creating a demand)
    second reason is we prefer to see the high resolution pics in their larger sizes, Mark Jaquith’s tempus fugit shows videos and images in all their splendid-ness

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