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    Grateful for any help, including CSS tips. We have just moved from Misty Look to Suburbia, which is looking good. However we have a couple of residual queries.

    1. We want a plain background of uniform colour all over, without the white boxes behind the header text and the comments. Please could we have advice on how to achieve this / remove the white boxes?

    2. We have selected a colour that shows up grey gridlines dividing the items on the home page. The gridlines are exactly what we want, but the background colour isn’t quite – however, when we select a new palette, or a colour within the palette, we lose the visible gridlines. If we select a custom colour we lose them as well. Grateful for any advice on how to choose the colour we want and reinstate the gridlines.

    Many thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    First off, I would suggest that you not copy and paste the entire stylesheet into the custom CSS box as it can cause issues. Paste in only the specific selectors, and the specific declarations you are changing and they will override the original CSS (make sure that “Don’t use the theme’s original CSS” is not selected.

    1. It looks like you got most of this. Correct me if I’m wrong. To get rid of the white background on the comments, add the following. I also took out the bottom border line on the comments since it seemed to be running through the center of the comment.

    .commentlist li {
        background: none;
        border-bottom: medium none;

    2. Probably the best way to do this would be to declare the background color in the CSS, and then adjust the color of the gridlines to work with that particular color. If you let us know what color you want to use as the background, we can help you work out the gridline issue.



    Very many thanks – you’ve been so helpful. I am going to refer this reply to our CSS specialists! We certainly have a look that is OK at the moment, but don’t quite know how we got it, or what will happen if we change it, so we’re grateful for the pointers.


    It looks like the theme removes the lines by default when you set a custom background by design. It probably does it because the gray border color doesn’t look good with every color palette.

    Another alternative to setting the background color via CSS would be to add back the lines with a color change like this:

    #site-title, .desc, #access, .grid, #access .menu > ul, #access, .bottom, #bottom-wrapper, .navigation h3, #single h1, #single h2, #single h3, #single h4, #single h5, #single h6, .aside h3, .meta h3, .archive-heading, #single {
    	border-color: #000;

    Change #000 to a color code of your choice.

    Updating the background color via CSS is probably the easier route. :)

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