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New theme suggestion: Gray Wolf

  1. I just discovered this theme new theme at the WordPress repository, it's named Gray Wolf.
    I believe that it's a great addition to the themes that we already have.

    You can see the live demo here:

    It has a very neutral, classy look that would suit a lof of blogs.
    Besides that it supports widgets, gravatar. Upon that it is xhtml + css valid.

    More info here:

  2. and run on different software. Staff has requested that we send in a feedback for theme requests including the link to it and the reasons we want the theme to be coded to run on software.

  3. I did everything you said, but still didn't get a real answer :)

  4. Your request is most likely sitting in the queue along with other theme requests. And as a month has gone by with perhaps following the request up is an idea worth pursuing.

  5. They may have passed on it.

  6. well, you could hope others may request for this theme in the future; i think if demand is there and if the theme is not too difficult to tweak to fit the system, it could be added.

  7. Meh. It reminds me of that three-column Andreas one. If the header was blue it might have had a chance, but as it is I don't think there's anything to excite them about it. Also, I doubt very much that support has time to respond to each individual theme request, so if your feedback goes unanswered you should probably just assume that they didn't go for it.

  8. All I can do is say that it will go into the list of theme requests.
    I can't say No, I can't say Yes.
    It's a boring non-commital answer but I really have no other.

  9. Ok thanks guys!

    One last question: Why is everyone here raving about blue themes?

  10. Some bloggers think there is an abundance of themes with big blue headers.

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