New theme suitable for photoblog?

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    I remember reading about a new theme that was designed with photobloggers in mind. There was a feature about the way the photos were uploaded that made them hard to swipe. Did I read this or am I dreaming? I wanted to recommend this theme to a friend.

    The blog I need help with is



    Monotone or Duotone, but they’ve both been around for quite a while.

    All photos are uploaded the same way no matter what theme you use. It’s how they are displayed that makes the difference. In the above themes, the photos are linked to navigation, which is minimal “protection”, if any.

    Your friend should be aware that if someone is determined to “swipe” a photo, they’ll find a way to do so.Watermarking their photos is an option, so that if they are stolen and put up elsewhere, at least the source of the photo is evident.


    If you go to and then use the feature filter, you can search for photography and/or photoblogging. Only three come up, the two Jennifer mentions, and Modularity Lite. Andreas is also pretty good for photoblogging as is Vostok.



    Actually, a lot more than that.

    I’m using Inuit Types which has a lot of display options for the front page. I set my blog up to show the most recent post as the featured post and the rest of the posts are excerpted on the front page with a thumbnail of the photo in the post. Makes for a nice display.

    Before Inuit Types, I was using The Journalist 1.3 because it had one of the widest posting areas of any theme.

    I’ve seen people successfully use for photoblogging a number of other themes too.



    Thank you! I will forward this thread to my friend, who does use watermarking.. I have been using Watermark Factory and recommend it highly. But I have noticed some photoblogs in which have protection against “right clickers” swiping the photos and wondered if this option was available on



    I’m a photographer and I switch my theme all the time. Unfortunately, there isn’t one that has everything I need/want. It seems that the majority of the single column layout themes use a font I don’t like or if I find one with a great font/colors, it posts tiny pictures because the columns aren’t wide enough. Right now I’m using Wu Wei for the clean, modern look but I would LOVE IT if it came in a single column format. Then it would be perfect.

    Pilcrow is also decent and has a single column format. I just didn’t like the newspaper type font. Doesn’t go with my business branding. I’ll probably just have to pay for a customized blog this year but I’ve been trying to avoid accumulating more overhead.



    If you have a specific theme you would like to suggest to Theme Staff please see point number 2 here. >

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