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    Is there anyway on to use themes other than onez already in the presentation place? Like add new ones made by other people.

    Also is there a way to put my own image as the header bar?



    It’s a no and a no I’m afraid.

    You can use the feedback to suggest a theme you particularly like but there are no guarantees with that.
    And right now there is no way to change the header image – though I believe it has been hinted at as a future feature of some sort.



    Yes definitely send in your feed requests on the feedback form, we often use those when deciding what new themes to add.



    djevolution – you can put your own image on your header bar if you use the theme Regulus. When you change to the Regulus theme, you’ll see an additional tab called “This Theme’s Options” show up beside the “Sidebar Widgets” tab in Presentation. Just insert the URL of the image you want (if you have it stored on Flickr, for example). I used one of my own photos on my blog:



    And another thread you’ve answered from over a month ago.



    The age of the post doesn’t keep it from coming up in searches, so what’s the problem with updating the information? There is no central place for users to get information about all the themes, and this forum is supposed to be here for answering questions, correct?

    [insult removed – drmike]



    Other threads have covered this already. We have discussed the ability to change the Regulus header already in other threads as well as pointed users to it already.

    As to the age of the post, this question was answered at the time of the post. No one is going back and changing previous posts made in the past about being able to include text or pictures in the sidebars nor adding in Flickr or YouTube videos even though those processes have changed in the past. All you are doing is bringing back to life older out of date threads threads that have been covered since then.

    In this case, your response does not have anything to do with the original posters question anyway. he or she was asking about uploading new themes, not changing the header image.

    If you do having assistance to contribute, please fell free to do so though. We should be helping each other as well as helping ourselves. If someone posts a question that has been answered before plenty of times, they will be pointed to an older thread or the search function. If they ask something that’s already covered in the FAQ, they will be pointed to that. If they are in the wrong forum, they will be pointed to the correct one. If you have an issue with that, I’m sorry. We’re all adults here and will be treated like one.

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