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  1. please add new themes

  2. I agree. In particular my Gemini theme deserves a run. :)

  3. @atthe404
    Would you please provide a link to the Gemini theme so it can be requested via feedback addressed to staff?

  4. Automattic know all about Gemini and where to find it. And they prolly do not want to see or hear of the darn thing ever again:) Nuff said. Now. Moving on......

  5. Message received and understood.
    She's off to the net determined to find it. ;)

  6. Is it this?
    Or this?

  7. The latter.

    (Dixie Belle would probably have been implemented here if it was based on Classic rather than Gemini.)

    eta: and the first guy thinks Jennifer made the theme all by herself. Cute.

  8. Well I am claiming at least an element of credit for both of those:) And a bucketful of other deriviatives. :)
    Thanks for your interest. And WW is right. I am on the blacklist. :)

  9. It is a nicely colorful bunch of themes. Would it be possible to put it on, you think? Or is it too complex?

  10. Nothing complex about it. But Matt will not publish anything by me ever. I have a *bad attitude* apparently.
    And my work has serious *useability issues* as well. Some day some one will explain it to me.

  11. Some new themes would be awesome, especially some left-column themes. Or the ability to choose which side to place the narrow column in existing themes...
    Thanks :)

  12. Some new themes would be awesome, especially some left-column themes

    I agree! I'd love to see more left-column with customizable headers. Or even more three column (the narrow column's on either side of the main column) would be great.

  13. thistimethisspace

    Hi there,
    This is just to let you know that posting here will not bring staff attention to your desire for additional themes. The process is to send your request to staff along with your reasons for it. As support is closed weekends except for urgent matters you will have to wait until Monday to use the "contact" button on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page.

  14. TTTS - The FAQ says this is the right place to request new themes:

    Can you add a theme to please?
    We are always looking to expand the range of themes we have, and feedback from you is taken into account when a new addition is being considered. The best place to request this is in the Ideas Forum. We can't promise anything though!

  15. All of those bloggers who regularly answer forum questions are aware of what the FAQs states. IMO it needs amendment because staff have made it clear that sending in the requests to them is an additional requirement for getting staff attention. The only useful purpose posting to the forum may serve is stirring up a following of fellow bloggers who request the same theme as well. However, if all of them do not contact staff as well then posting to the ideas forum IMO seems to be just as waste of time and energy.

  16. I've sent my request to [email redacted] too, just in case.

  17. Well thankyou. The guys who have upgrade Gemini to Gemini Plus have done a fine job in adding the color choices in options. I am really pleased as I developed the template (coding) and Jen Ledbetter did some brilliant styling. But those guys have really pushed it out. Thanks for your input. :) My next project is to get Manji *cough* adopted as well :)

  18. todayyesterdayandtomorrow

    that gemini theme looks really good from what i can tell. i like it!

  19. I'll have to check it out.

    Update: No can do. The new themes haven't shown up yet for me. :(

  20. AFAIK this Gemini theme isn't available (yet?) on, Rain. The links I gave above go to other sites.

  21. Root - Good luck getting Manji in!

  22. What's so great about Manji? It's only yet another Big Blue Header theme. Boring.

  23. A BBH. OMG . :)

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