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New Themes

  1. There's a current thread about this very topic. Hop on over and have a look:

    (fellow Yankee fan)

  2. Thanks, ellaella! :)

  3. You have unfortunately posted a separate thread when staff have posted one and asked that we use it.

    It's no problem really because you can just copy and paste. However, when you use the link to the other thread please read what tellyworth (staff) says the themes must be GPL licensed and cannot have have sponsored links that the designer specifies cannot be removed in them in order to be considered for adaptation so they can run on software.

    Thus it would be a good idea to check into the licensing of the themes you want to suggest and to post links only to those that meet the conditions stated.

  4. Oh -

    Sorry, I did not realize you posted here.


  5. I know this is off topic, but how often is the Software Updated?


  6. As far as the underlying wordpress software, on the Automattic site, it mentions there are updates going on constantly in the range of 5 to 20 times per day: .

  7. Anyone know if there is anything new coming soon?

  8. The 5-20 per week is stuff that happens in the background that no one on this side ever even notices.

    As far as theme updates, and new themes, don't look for them until you see the whites of their eyes. (In other words, no one knows till they magically appear.)

  9. *rotflol* until whites of their eyes!
    We ladies have been waiting for feminine themes now for longer than it takes to become pregnant and deliver.

    On the other hand, if the theme one is requesting is dark, blue/gray and or white, has a businesslike, techy and/or masculine appearance then you may be the proud parent of a buggy premature offspring. *lol* :D)))

  10. Don't forget a BBH (big blue header)! You can never have too many BBH's. ;-)

  11. Good catch! :D)))

  12. I think I may be able to hear wank snorting in the background ... :P

  13. I just had a quick look at the SVN repository (where they keep all the themes they've ever tested) and regret to report that nothing new has been added since the last time I checked. I'd be surprised if they release more than two or three before they bring pay themes in sometime next year, and even more surprised if they add anything after that.

    We may get Blackberry, it's conceivable we might get Papier (Papier looks nice in the screenshot, but then anything can look nice in a screenshot that size. Apart from Black Letterhead.) Then again, we might not get either. There's really no way of telling. I just think those two are the most likely as they're Sandbox-based.

  14. PAY themes? Why would people pay for a prefab theme that other people could also use, when they could pay probably less and get the CSS upgrade?

  15. Because not everyone knows or wants to know how to use CSS.

  16. @sacredpath. Did you check out the themes the OP wanted? He's got a good chance - 2 more BBH's!

  17. And of course, here at .com, you can't upload themes anyway so your only choice is the CSS upgrade.

  18. @rosclarke
    No I have not.

  19. Wow, they are blue aren't they?

  20. Fresh blue idea is Creative Commons with attribution: Won't fly at .com

    The other two I can't find out anything about. Can't even find them on the author's websites. Of course I don't read their language which makes it a little harder. Neither of the style.css files indicates anything either.

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