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    Can you guys add some new themes to wordpress please? = )



    WordPress has recently added to new themes.
    Albeo and Depo Mastead
    Both are pretty cool with some new features. Check them out on the design page… if you haven’t already.


    And they added a new updated version of “The Journalist.”



    those themes suck compared to the following theme that they should add, which would by the way add more new features. I agree more new themes.


    You can always self-host, then you would have more themes than you can dream of. You can change them daily, hourly if you want to.



    yeah, but I’m pretty content with my blog theme, and I’m pretty cheap, therefore I really don’t see the point of me paying money even more money just for a blog theme.



    There’s also a thread with over two hundred theme suggestions somewhere around here. It’s probably more effective to add to that one, since we KNOW staff is reading that.



    Found it. faved it.

    Please make your theme recommendation here:



    This is a little off topic, but I found a WordPress blog with a theme I like. Is there a way to find out the name of that theme (short of emailing the blog author and asking)?


    @srj84: If it’s not written down at the bottom of the blog page, you can see it in the source code of the page. If you can’t locate it, give us the link to that blog.

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