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New Themes!

  1. I just want to add a request here, if indeed there are plans to add new themes. How about adding variations of existing themes?

    For example, I recently spent more than half a day customizing the Connections theme only to find out that it's designed to NOT show the sidebar when viewing individual posts. WTF? I cannot imagine why anyone would design a template that way, and yeah mea culpa for not checking (it never occurred to me that this was a possibility).

    Digging around, I realize that A LOT OF PEOPLE have the same complaint about the otherwise excellent Connections theme. I also see that a lot of people who are using Connections in self-hosting environments have modified it to include the sidebar on single posts (including the person who created the theme).

    I can understand why you can't just change it; that would mess up the people who want it that way. But why not offer both? Connections and "New Connections" (or something like that)?

    In the meantime I'm still pissed that my highly customized version will basically have to be trashed, because I want the sidebar!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It doesn't have to be trashed, you already know the way you want your blog to look. You could try re-doing another theme. All you'd have to do is change around the classes, insert your color changes in the correct places and slightly change widths or margins. I'm sure it's not as bad or a lot of work as you think it is. And I think adding a sidebar would be something wordpress would have to ask the designer of the connections theme. And yeah, check next time lol

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