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New to blogging

  1. Hey people. I'm new to the blogging world and I'd like to say that it's pretty sweet. I just hope I can attract more people to read my writings or rantings. Anyway, I will soon be posting some of my stories that I'm currently working on. And I will always have another story in the making. Stay tuned.


  2. URL please starting with the prefix http://

  3. No problem... :)

    Welcome to wordpress here is some links to help you get started here... Beginners’ Guide

    How to make your name link to your blog.

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    What Did You Post in Your Blog Today?

    There you go these links should help you out getting to know the wordpress
    format... WordPress can be a bit over whelming at first...

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    Sorry for all the links I hope there helpful for you... :)


  4. infamouskiller

    visit my blog@

  5. LOL you say visit my blog and you didn't even provide a URL...

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