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    Im quite new to the blogging world, I’m unsure what I have done on my page, whats the difference between a site page and a blog? I made a front page to explain a little bit about why I decided to blog. but when people search the link they can’t see my first blog that is published?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    Welcome to the world of WordPress :)

    By default, your front-page (homepage) will be set as the posts page (which is your blog). What this means is that each time you add a new post, it moves to the top of that page.

    You really have two options here:

    If you want your posts to keep showing up on your homepage, you can make your first post ‘Sticky’. This means it will always be at the top of the page, and the other posts will come underneath. To do this, if you open up the editor for your first post, you can toggle ‘Stick to the front page’ so that it is on. This guide shows a screenshot and some more information.

    You can also change the number of posts that show on your blog page (which at the moment is your homepage), by clicking on Settings from your My Sites menu, clicking on the ‘Writing’ tab, and inputting the number of blog posts you want displayed under Content types -> Blog posts.

    The other option is to make your front-page static, and create another page for your posts. This means you can add text to your homepage just like with any other page and it won’t change when you add new posts.
    You would need to create two new pages – one for your Homepage and one for your Blog, named whatever you choose. You would then go to your Site Customizer and then click on Homepage Settings. Choose your new home page from the Homepage drop-down menu, and then choose your blog page from the Posts page drop-down menu. Now only the text you add to your homepage will be visible there.

    Any other pages you add to your site will automatically show up in your main menu (unless you set a Custom Menu) and whatever you add to those pages whilst editing them will be the only content on those pages (this is what is known as static content, unlike your blog and posts which are dynamic).

    The links I’ve added above should help explain things a bit more.

    I hope this helps!


    Hi there,

    There’s is a difference between “Blog Post”(posts page) and “Page”

    Blog post page means the page which displays your blog post in reverse chronological order, that means the new post you make displays on the top.

    Page: Pages are static in static it means it doesn’t change until you make a change example: contact form, about page, etc.

    Please visit our support document for more information on
    Post vs. Page

    I have seen your website which you need help with it shows “Blog post page” on the home page.

    but when people search the link they can’t see my first blog that is published?

    The recent post will be seen on the top and your very first post goes below that,

    I made a front page to explain a little bit about why I decided to blog

    Does that mean you want a static page as your homepage?
    This can be achieved by creating a static page and you can make it as front page.
    Creating page.

    Set a Static “Home” Page (Front Page).

    And if you are new and looking to learn how to get best out of visit

    Let us know if this works for you.


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