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New to blogging. Feel free to check it out and leave some feedback!

  1. heretohomeandbeyond

    I'm new to blogging and wordpress and could use some feedback.

    I'm starting a new chapter of my life, traveling and teaching English.
    My blog will be a place I share my experiences and leave tips for travelers.

    Feel free to leave some feedback; I could use the help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. dribblingpensioner

    I would remove the calender and the tags from the sidebar, it would look better and they serve no purpose at all.

    then add the most top rated posts widget.

  3. roughseasinthemed

    Interesting blog.

    In terms of appearance I agree with dp. The sidebar is huge!! and I dislike those cloud things anyway, far too visually distracting. Whoever decided to introduce them was having a challenged moment. But because of that sidebar, it feels like the whole blog is listing towards the left. If, you can with your theme, you may want to consider a centred type of layout.

    I never both with the most top rated posts thing though. I know others use it, but I've never clicked on it yet. It's so subjective.

    Given that most people don't live in Ecuador you might want to consider some bigger pix and make photos more prominent.

    And if you are aiming at a wider audience, rather than a narrow teaching one, keep the school posts to a min. I skipped over those, but loved (and commented on) posts like the gas bottle. ~It's the detail that often makes the difference and makes a post stand out.

    In terms of style, you might want to find some blogs you like, and ask yourself why you like them, and compare your blog and theirs.

  4. heretohomeandbeyond

    thanks for all the ideas. I never noticed how big the sidebar is but you are right! I'm looking into other themes because with this one I can't really get it to where I would like it. I'd like to add a photo gallery too maybe but will have to figure that out another day. Thanks for the help!

  5. Try to get your basic blog and theme right, learn how to blog and post, and then you can start to play around with it.

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