New To Blogging Need help with idea

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    I am at a loss here, not afraid to admit it. I had great intentions, but want to shut down everything i have started. How do I accomplish this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Cool name – you can delete the blog but then the name is gone forever even from you

    Set it to “Private” and nobody can see it and it will wait until you want to try blogging again

    Dashboard >> Settings >> Reading >> Set to only visible to those you invite – save changes

    Or just delete the few Posts you have and let the blog site – no charges and no requirement to use a blog – it will just sit there waiting for you

    Since deleting is the name is gone forever we usually advise people to either delete content or set the blog to Private so you can come back next year if you change your mind

    Accounts are forever so nobody can take your ID – but all you needed was an email address so no personal info was needed

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