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New to blogging, SO confused, need followers

  1. lindseymeetsworld

    I'm trying to learn how to blog. Iv made 2 so far, but don't I need followers? Idk wat the heck I'm doing

    The blog I need help with is

  2. On the bottom of your Admin page you will find a link to the Learn blogging Tutorial prepared by Staff. The support documentation is all found at the Support link which is also on the bottom of your Admin page.

    Here are 25 basic steps to take to increase traffic to your blog:
    1. Structure a reader and search engine blog;
    2. In blogging content is king create unique, high quality content so publish fresh content frequently;
    3. Learn basic SEO so you can use keywords effectively and apply basic SEO to your headlines, blog and posts;
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.
    4. Make your blog posts look professional;
    5. Create at least 4-6 pillar posts and continue to create pillar posts;
    Pillar posts are also referred to as flagship content. Pillar posts are comprehensive posts that offer great value to readers as the contents are timeless in nature. They define you as having authority in the niche you blog in.
    6. Select and link to appropriate anchor text;
    7. Leave meaningful comments on related blogs and encourage comments on your own blog;
    8. Develop relationships with other bloggers so you can build a blog readers’ community around your own blog;
    9. Support the blog centered communities on related blogs by commenting on them and promoting posts from them;
    10. Link to authoritative sources in your posts;
    11. Deep link to your earlier related posts in your new posts;
    12. Assign appropriate categories and tag your posts with care;
    13. Link to related authoritative blogs in your blogroll;
    14. Provide RSS feeds for subscribers;
    RSS (Rich Site Summary or really simple syndication) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.
    15. Having a well designed theme is important, evaluate your theme for effectiveness, and if required, create a new header, make improvements or replace your theme and reduce page loading time;
    16. Avoid cluttering your blog with widgets that lack reader value and slow page loading time;
    17. Buy your own domain and domain mapping;
    18. Verify your blog with the three big search engines.
    19. Get organized, use an online to do list by developing a blogging workflow;
    20. Join social networks and social media sites like Facebook and use Twitter, Friendfeed and other Free RSS directories to promote your blog posts;
    21. Promote your blog through social networks, online groups, and selected directories;
    22. Develop a social media time management strategy and stick to it;
    23. Submit your latest pillar article to a blog carnival;
    24. Become a guest blogger on sites with higher page rank than your own site.
    25. Create newsletters and/or ebooks for your subscribers.

    re: Tagging
    This forum thread also contains useful advice for assigning categories and tags to your posts. It's of critical importance to note that search spiders are programmed to detect keywords in the text ie. post content. If you create titles, sub-titles, and assign categories and tags containing keywords to your posts, and the search spiders do not find they same keywords in the text, then they COUGH! and the post will appear waaaaaayyyy back in the SERPS (search engine page results.)

  3. lindseymeetsworld

    I suppose I'm just going to do this my own way because I didn't understand anything you just said! Haha, I'm VERY new to this.
    Thank you though :)

  4. What do you need followers FOR?

    Read what TT said. Then read and start blogging.

  5. dancedeafstydance

    I am new to blogging as well and it really helps if you just comment on other blogs. Everybody just reacts in a great and nice way!

  6. Have to say I'm with Lindsey - its all double dutch - is there not a more basic advice - I get confused as soon as SEO's, spiders, widgets, tags etc are used - i think it's just taken as read that a beginner will understand all of this but i certainly don't! and raincoaster, i think everyone wants a few followers - otherwise we are like a voice in the wilderness and there seems little motivation to do it in the first place!

  7. @compsrus

    is there not a more basic advice

    You can read and follow the step by step tutorial provided by Staff > and start blogging.
    You can use the support documentation to search for every term you listed and even more. and you can search forum threads.

    Of course we all want followers however do be aware that the "build it and they will come" slogan does not apply. It takes at least 6 months to a year of frequent publication of fresh and original content, blog promotion, commenting on related blogs, etc. to build enough connections and relationships to create a blog centered community. If you aren't a self starter then blogging may not be easy for you. If you need more help click my username as you may find what you need in my blog.

  8. @lindseymeetsworld
    Go back to the 25 points I posted. Locate the keywords in any point and then search my blog for the tutorial posts that provide the how-tos. You can also search forum threads and the support documents. Unless you use search utilities here as well as using search engines then you will have a very hard time learning how to blog.

  9. mostlymonochrome

    Best way is to post and comment on lots of similar posts.

  10. Yes indeed and that's been stated above several times.

  11. ***headesk***

  12. readytochangenow

    @timethief - that is the second time coffee has come out of my nose tonight from laughing. I am going to go put my cup away.

  13. They say in marketing it takes nine exposures for something to register. I think we're at six now...

  14. @raincoaster - I'm guessing that means we have to tell kids something 9 times before it registers too.

  15. Has the art of "figuring it out for yourself" gone out of the window these days?

  16. Figure it out for yourself!

  17. Yeah ... go figure!

  18. Pete - saying that makes you sound so old! Those more mature members of the world have been wondering that for ages!

    Just as well the wheel has already been invented - these days, we'd be waiting awhile!

  19. I'm 26! That's practically 30.

  20. Thank you for the links. It isn't that we need telling 84 times before we get it (altho Basil Fawlty springs to mind, just because you shout doesn't make you understood!)! however, as i'm considerably older than most of you perhaps i might say again, most of this is double dutch to me, i didn't grow up with all of this - I will read all the links that you have provided so please do not feel the need to list them again, but I had a website for a while (atho this is my first 'blog') and i'm bound to say that most of the tutorials i have read require a certain level of basic understanding - which quite frankly i don't have. I've been through the, make sure you have a certain number of key words, that you feature on other websites etc etc etc, yet my site still had no google ranking, and looked very similiar to others. I am really disappointed that this thread has degenerated into really a go at people who really just don't understand, poking fun at them because of it; and i don't think that i will be approaching this as a way of support again. One day my friends you too will be my age and technology would have run away with you, I hope you find understanding amongst those younger than you. I will indeed figure it out for myself, but i thought the idea of the forums was to pool knowledge and support others, I was clearly mistaken - at least I've figured that one out for myself. Regards

  21. The tutorial called LEARN which is linked above is designed for beginners who have no knowledge of WP.

    It's entirely premature to be worrying about keywords, etc when you don't know how to use the tool to blog yet. Get that down and then take on the other things one at a time.

    The best way to avoid having the same links given to you over and over is to read them and if you have specific questions, return to the forums and ask them.

  22. I beg to differ, those who have insulted us did not give us the opportunity to read the links! i was merely expressing that i was in the same position as the initial poster and welcomed timethief's response. it DID NOT and DOES NOT warrant such rudeness from the others that contributed. I find the attitude on this thread extremely innappropriate and most unhelpful.

  23. Saying figure it out for yourself isn't rude. It's a suggestion. If you don't understand any of the basic advice that's already been given then play around with it.

    It's more joking around than insulting you, we come here for fun so lighten up.

  24. readytochangenow

    compsrus - I have also struggled in my learning in the last month and I think it was because I was wanting to understand it all at once (I think I understand about 15% now - maybe).

    I think it comes in waves - The video on the Dashboard got me started - then I focused on content. Once I got a couple weeks’ worth posted I went through the Learn Tutorial.

    Then I subscribed to the forums and found out what I didn't know through the questions of others. I learned where all the specific articles were posted (some are linked here) and started learning the language.

    The challenge for me is not that there is no assistance - but that there is so much it is hard to sift through. Each day I hope my blog gets a little better as I learn new stuff and more of the language. I am still fuzzy on SEOs and I have been here a month, but it is on my list to learn. Think of it as learning how to cook – you not only need recipes, but you need to know how to learn a mixer, oven, ect. Try to start with Jello and work yourself up to beef bouillon.

    Once you have gone through the articles on the link that timetheif gave you – you should have a better understanding of what you need to learn next.

  25. I think you put it better than any of us could have done. If you're already on SEO and you've only been here a month, you're MILES ahead.

  26. I am really disappointed that this thread has degenerated into really a go at people who really just don't understand

    Offput ways of answering, usually don't answer the questions that were asked. How dare the inquirer not realize the efforts put into this.

  27. Can you imagine what it was like for raincoaster and me and others in the beginning? Please try to focus on this snapshot.
    There was only a single forum for threads.
    There was only a single FAQs thread in that forum.
    There was no support documentation.
    There were no tutorials.
    There was only a single Staff member providing support.

    So as you can guess our learning to blog curve was much different than those who are learning blogging now. The way raincoaster and I learned how to blog on WordPress software was the go figure method. By clicking buttons and determining what happened when we did that, by documenting what happened when we clicked buttons, we found out the how-to's for doing this, that and everything. Then we and shared what we learned on the single forum with those who posted asking for help.

    I'm over 50 and it's my observation that many new bloggers today don't have that adventurous, independent, self-sufficient inclination towards going off and figuring out things for themselves. Currently both Volunteers and Staff answer many repetitive questions every day posted by bloggers who chose to wait for an answer, rather than using the tutorial prepared for them, searching support documentation and forum threads, and using Google search to locate answers to their own questions, etc. As some of those who have demonstrated those behaviors are not new bloggers but just lazy people, it takes a lot patience to type out instructions over and over or copy and paste them and a lot of self-control not to shout - go figure!

  28. I'm new here too. Thanks... I'll learn the basics!

    Everything should be learned in small steps :)

    btw...I did take notice of the below statement:

    "We love positive and productive discussions, so please keep comments on the topics at hand and not on other members of the community. Thanks!"

    Happy New Year!

  29. timethief... good info on your blog

    I was going to add a twitter feed....not now!

    Thanks again!


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