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new to blogging....need some rules about copyright etc etc

  1. So I'm new to blogging. I like to use my blog to advertise and inform people of some great films, art and music out there. I always give full credits and always link back to sites where I first stumbled upon the subject matter that I am oooohing and ahhhhing over on my blog. Do I also need to ask permission when in reality, I'm promoting said art/film/music via my blog?

    Anyplace that I can find a list of do's and don't for blogging/copyright issues?

    I don't want to make anyone mad....I just want to share the amazing work out there!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, you need permission up front. You are in violation of copyright law and of the ToS, unless you have the prior permission of any copyright holder to post their intellectual content on your blog or the intellectual property is in the public domain. Copyright Basics (from the U.S. Copyright Office and the Library of Congress)

    Take a moment to consider why anyone would click into the original site if they have already read or viewed the intellectual property that was stolen and posted without permission of the copyright holder on another site.

    Read here also >

  3. Copyrights do not need not be applied for as they are automatically ested in the creators of intellectual property. When we create something — we own the copyright, which is our exclusive right as the creator to control who else can use our work and in what manner. We need not post any copyright notices whatsoever.
    read also: Copyright and Public Domain

  4. P.S. this is the correct URL for your blog. Note that there is no "www" in any sub-domain URL. As our blogs are already linked to our usernames as yours is right now, we do not drop signature links inot the end of our comments on forums. If you are asking a question about another blog you own that's not linked to your usename then posting the link to it is fine.

  5. oops! I forgot the link

  6. thanks for your replies.
    looks like i'll just have to delete pretty much everything except for links to music and of course my own art.
    that's a shame.
    tis the world of copyright i guess. and here i was thinking i was helping spread great art/music/film and engaging others in great conversation about it but instead, merely breaking laws.
    thanks again.

  7. You're welcome.

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