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    i’m having a blog designed. designers tell me to acquiring “hosting” through wordPress. have attempted to contact the team, but am unsuccessful in filling out the contact form without a URL. what is that, how do i get one? and i don’t know what a domain is either, so if the answer has something to do with that, could it please be explained as well?
    i’m reallllly green, obviously, but want to learn.
    please someone, guide me to getting started.



    You need to be clear at the outset that WordPress comes in 2 forms. The software can be installed on just about any web host. Alternatively you can use the hosted service here. From what you say about designers it sounds as though you might not want to be on the WP hosted service but your question is not really clear. Good web developers shopuldn’t draw too strict a line between design and the other bits and pieces necessary to get started. Get the designers to set it up or get new designers. :)



    First off, is not my business but, IMO, your designer really lack customer service. They should be the ones who should be assisting and explaining you what all those things are and how to set them up. At least, that’s what I do with my clients who are not computer/internet savvy.

    I’ll try to explain this as best as I can. Please, bear with me.

    There is a difference between a website and a blog. You’d use a website to promote your business, sell products, etc. A blog is an ‘online’ diary. You can use your blog to post updates for your customer, etc.

    A URL is what you type in the address bar of your browser. The URL looks like this:

    A domain name is the ‘name’ of your website, like in the example above, the domain name is: “”. To register a domain name you have to do it through a domain registrar like

    Once you have your domain name registered, you need to hire a hosting provider such as or to host your site. Once you have done this, give the information to your designers so they can take care of the technical part.

    When they said ‘acquiring hosting through WordPress’ they probably meant that you need to use the software for your blog so that they can integrate their design into the software. However, if they meant that you need to host your blog here at, their design will be ‘useless’ since you cannot install your own templates here because it is a shared environment. If what they actually are designing is not your blog, but your website, then that’s different.

    They should take care of all these for you. At least, that’s my point of view. Setting up a website, can be complicated for a person with little or no knowledge of the field because of the technicalities involved.




    I agree. If I left one of my clients trawling the forums trying to fix up hosting I would shoot myself. :)



    If I were a “client” who was being treated this way, I would dump the designer like a hot potato. Then I would find another one, who actually delivers service in return for the money that he or she is being paid.



    While I agree with what devblog is saying (that’s what I would do for a client) I’m going to play devil’s advocate.

    A designer is a just a designer. They design the look of the website/blog and how it functions. They will provide a finished product in whatever form (php files, zip etc) for the client to do with as they please. Whether they buy hosting on a shared server, buy a dedicated server or host at home on XP with a LAMP setup.

    If I were in the OP’s position, I would sack the designer. I would then get myself a blog (if that’s your intention) at (free!) blog for a few weeks/months, learn the software, spend the time learning about the basics of CSS, domains, Internet terminology hosting and all the other stuff. If after that you still want your own site, you have a couple of options:

    1. Buy a domain and the CSS upgrade here at and customise your already established blog.

    2. Get hosting, download the software and install it. There are literally thousands of FREE themes for WordPress out there. Get one of those and use your recently gained CSS knowledge to tweak your theme as you much as you want to your tastes.

    Good luck, please post back any questions and we’ll endeavour to help.


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