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new to everything about wordpress

  1. alright i'm not sure even how many questions i have, so i'll just list them as they come to me:
    1. is there a way that i can have several different pages that i can make new post on? (i'm not sure if that is phrased right even-ask if you don't understand)
    2. how do i add things like my own personal banner? (is that just all css?)
    3. can i add a playlist of music to it?
    4. any tips for (once i get my blog actually looking good) for getting it known?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Before we answer questions, we need to see your blog to make sure we give the appropriate answers. Please give us a link, starting with http. If you don't yet have a blog, please review the two sticky threads at the top of the forum.

    sorry about that, there it is. i hope i can get some help.

  4. Thanks.

    1) Not technically, but there's a workaround. Follow instructions here: and link the page tabs to your local category pages. In other words, use a certain category or tag for all posts you want to go on a particular page, then find the link to that category page on your blog, and put that in the page tab.

    2) "Banner"? Do you mean header, banner in a blog post, or what? You can upload custom headers on many different themes (just go to Appearance->Themes and search for "custom header"). As for putting them in the blog posts, just upload them like a regular image.


    4) do a search of the forum; there are about a thousand tips on this in the forum already.

  5. alright, thanks i'm pretty sure you've answered all my questions.
    i skimmed through that first page and it looks like what i was looking for, same for the second.

    again, thanks so much.

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