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New to plugins - how to install?

  1. I've been googling a guide on how to install a plugin on my homepage. I found this:
    According to the picture I should have a menu under "appearance" called plugin. I don't have that. Is this because of my theme (Coraline)? Or?

    Any hints or tips would be great as Im making this for my work!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Stop reading information. Start reading information instead

  3. This support page is not helpful. It basically says that wp pre-loads plugins, so don't worry about it. I want to add an Embed PDF plug-in to my blog (, but can't figure out how to do that. I found the plug-in but can't find any instructions for activating it. This is kind of important information!

  4. did you bother to read the link @raincoaster gave?

    Actually quite easy to embed a pdf document here so it can be read

  5. Yes, I bothered to read it. Here's most of the text (before the list of plugins):

    There are lots of plugins already bundled with every blog and website. They extend WordPress functionality and include things like Google Sitemaps, caching, Akismet anti-spam, Carousel slideshows, social media buttons, and over a hundred others.

    Most users won’t find a Plugins tab in your dashboard. We include and configure the plugins for you, so you don’t need to worry about them.

    Where are the obvious, easy instructions for embedding pdfs?

  6. A PDF is a media file, not a plugin. You can either upload it to the media library and link to it via a text link or embed it in a viewable way via any of these:

  7. look for Scribd in the support documents @RC gave you

  8. Thanks. The piece was originally a prezi, and there used to be a work-around for embedding prezi into a wp blog. That seems to have changed, so I had to save the file as a pdf, upload to scribd, and plan to embed it that way. Wish there was a more direct way to do this--maybe in the future!

  9. PS - one caution with Scribd - it loads the whole document - so if the document is large you should put it after a "More" tag so the document won't load each time someone visits your front page - only loads when they go to the Post with the Scribd document - personally I now always put Scribd documents after the More tag - does not matter - large or small - helps with search engines also since load time of front page is one of the ranking factors

  10. Thanks for the tip.

  11. You be welcome & good luck

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