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New to this -

  1. I am writing a very personal blog and wondered if anyone would like to comment? Be warned, its quite explicit!



  2. alittlecupofcoffee

    Hi Karen,

    I'm also new to blogging. I just visited your blog, and it's very well written, not a blog that I would usually read, but I'm not one to judge. All the best with it.

    You can check out my blog at

  3. @ meandtwoguys, you need to write an about page. Also you post is to long.

  4. thanks very much for the comments guys!

    Dear dribblingP. Interesting to hear that the post is too long. Am I not catering for the attention span of the average blogger.reader?

  5. I enjoyed that. Maybe you could liven it up with a few photos, illustrations relevant to the text. For example, a photo of Manchester, or a restaurant or two women having lunch etc. I do that with my blog stories.
    And do an About page as Dribbling suggested.
    Apart from that it looks pretty good.

  6. @ meandtwoguys, Quote :- " Am I not catering for the attention span of the average blogger.reader? "

    I consider that as an insult to readers, 90% of which are the average blogger.

    You should enter that into your about page page and make H3 size.

  7. dear DP

    sorry to be thick, what is an about page, and i need to get this blog into the right topic area, how do i do that?

    many thanks

    k x

  8. Read mine, read Jessie's and a few others, it's to give some information about you and what your blogs about.

  9. My blog is;

    Hi Harry. :D

  10. Hi Jessie, why is your name not live :)

  11. Adult content, Harry. Some erm, erotic images. ;)

  12. :lol: i forgot, how could i forget.

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