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    Hey I’m new to all this. Just created my blog a few days ago and everything is going rather well. Sort of learning the basic functions but would like to make my site better using more advanced functions provided through the site. I have a few questions to ask first…

    1. Which forums apply to me when I seek help… or I’m guessing this is the right area to look for help. heres the link to my blog

    2. I’d like to edit the CSS and make it better but I find it very hard to understand. Is it easy to learn? I’m looking to make my header bigger so I can add make a better graphic for it. How do I edit the Colors?

    3. I want to make my site not will that affect anything on my site?

    4. I want to add some widgets and or plug ins… like commentluv and topcommentators. is that hard? is it even possible with my setup right now? or it won’t be possible to I make it a also I have no idea where /wp-content/plugins/` directory.


    I have no idea where that is located.

    Thx in advance for any help…


    First off, welcome to wordpress.COM.

    1. Yes, you are in the right forum for a wordpress.COM blog.

    2. CSS isn’t rocket science and simple changes aren’t that hard to accomplish like changing the colors, or fonts, and stuff like that, but of course the more ambitious the changes you want to make the more knowledge and experience you will need. Check out the links at the top of the CSS forum, and also go to the FAQ page and search for “CSS” for more information about the upgrade and what you can and cannot do with it. Also, the CSS upgrade does not allow you to alter the functionality of a theme, it only allows you to style it. I’ll also mention here just in case you do not know, we are limited to the themes listed in appearances > themes. We cannot upload themes found on the internet. Those themes are for self-hosted wordpress blogs using the software downloaded from wordpress.ORG.

    3. That would require a domain name and the domain mapping (both upgrades here and if you do the two together it is cheaper – $15 a year I think). Again, go to the FAQ’s or to the “support” area and simply type in “domain” or “domain mapping” and you will get very useful information. The only thing it will affect is the URL of the blog. Everything else will remain as is.

    4. Plugins are not allowed here due to security concerns, and javascript, flash, forms and iframes are not allowed for the same reasons. Plugins, javascript, flash, forms and iframes can be used only on self-hosted blogs using the software downloaded from wordpress.ORG.


    thx for the quick response… so your telling me I can’t make my header bigger or change the color scheme unless I buy the css upgrade?



    Yes, that’s right. What you can do, and I would strongly recommend it, is to try editing the CSS and use the free preview feature to see if you can get the hang of CSS and make it do what you want BEFORE you hand over any money. There are some volunteers in the forum who can help a bit with CSS, but there’s no staff support so you’re basically on your own.

    If you really want a bigger header/different colours, the only other option is to look for another theme that might suit you better. There’s some helpful information on that here and the header sizes are listed somewhere. I’ll see if I can find a link.




    Hi longnorthhorn, I’ll chime in with a couple of pointers.
    CSS has a bit of a learning curve. You’ll need to be comfortable already with html, but if you are, then CSS builds on that in a straightforward way. You can get a book or browse tutorials on the web to get started. With that background, I find a small O’Reilly book called “CSS Pocket Reference” essential.

    The other essential is Firefox plus the Firebug extension. This lets you browse the html and CSS to see what it does on the visible page, or conversely, browse the visible page and determine which bit of html and which bit of CSS is responsible for what you see.

    I was interested to see rosclarke’s link to the “custom header sizes” page. One thing that’s slightly confusing is that part of what you can do (on wordpress.COM) is governed by the theme functionality written by the individual theme developer, with some aspects of the “off-the-shelf” appearance coming from the default CSS they supplied.

    With the CSS upgrade, you get to extend/override that CSS (but not the theme code itself), which allows quite extensive changes of appearance, generally including sizes and colors of things, including overriding which header image is used and how big it is. What it does not do is allow change of functionality — for example if a theme does not expose the site’s tag-line (ie: output the tagline as html somewhere on the page), then no CSS maneuvers will make it appear.

    Hope that helps.



    FYI now tells you where to find WordPress support (com or org).

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