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New To WordPress!

  1. Hi all,

    My name is Jannelle and I have been a member of wordpress for two days now. I would like to take the time out to invite everyone, espically sports fans and fans of the NFL to my blog.

    The Red Zone talks about all things NFL. I will be discussing the league's current affairs and I will also mention the legends of the game.

    My address is

    Stop on by and let me know what you think so far.

  2. Welcome to wordpress janelle
    The correct thread to plug your blog in is here

  3. Indeed...
    But welcome anyway Jannelle! Especially to another sportsfan (I feel kinda lonely sometimes here...)...

  4. sweetcatastrophe

    Ahh, a woman after my own heart! :)
    The NFL is my greatest indulgence...

  5. err... perhaps you have me 'gender-confused'...

  6. i think she's talking about Jannelle

  7. I think she's talking about Janelle too.

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