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    I am setting up my WordPress page. After using blogger l found it can be invasive and my photographic wasn’t protected as l would like.
    I would like to know how on the side bar l can show a photo of a company a little text and then a link to their web site.
    Can anyone offer help and advice?
    Many thanks
    Alan Scott

    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t think this would be an issue unless the main purpose was to drive traffic to their site or if you are receiving payment. However terms and services questions are complex so I will flag this for staff attention.


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    The easiest way to insert an image into your sidebar is to use an image widget:



    As long as it would not be construed as an advertisement, you can add images and links to your blog or sidebar to other entities. It’s very difficult to “approve” something like this in theory, however.


    Thanks for getting back to me.
    I work as a member of several design teams, who’s products l use when l’m making my projects. I also do link backs to their web site giving information about what products l have used.
    As a member of such a team they like you to have a link on your blog page back to their shop. Its the only concession we have to get products to use at a very very good price.
    Is this breaking the rule’s will l have to look else where for my blogging|?



    You may wish to review our Terms of Service and our Advertising policy for more information:


    Im going to run WordPress independantly via a hosting company. From what l can see that way ad’s are okay. Its not allowed if its run via WordPress site itself.
    I hope l have got this right?
    I did read it several times this was the section…

    You can run any ads you’d like if you manage your own WordPress installation. More info, including hosting recommendations, can be found at
    So its off to a company to buy a hosting package, download WordPress and then use via the hoster.

    Thank you all again for being very helpful.
    Kindest regards and have a wonderful weekend



    You’re very welcome. Good luck with your site!

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