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  1. studentphysician

    1) How difficult would it be to take this template:

    and make it like this in WordPress?

    2) If number one is possible, is it possible to add a gallery where the pictures slide from right to left?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Neither blog you linked to is a blog, so if yours is not, you need to be at

    We need a link to your blog to be able to help. Ideally, you can link it to your username:

  3. studentphysician

    But I am not talking about blogging yet. The link I gave is supposed to be a WordPress Template for a site. So before I purchase the template, I asking if I will be able to manipulate it a little.

  4. The themes you linked to are for the self-hosted version of wordpress. Here at the wordpress.COM free-hosting service, we cannot use themes downloaded from the internet. We are limited to the themes listed in our dashboards under appearance > themes.

    Here at wordpress.COM, IF you have CSS editing experience, you can modify the look of the themes available here with the paid CSS upgrade, but you cannot change the underlying functionality as we do not have access to the PHP/HTML files. The Sandbox theme, if you have experience with CSS, is basically a blank canvas and people have done some amazing things with it.

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