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new to wordpress, a theme question or two.

  1. i am new to the world of wordpress, and i really like all the functions, and side-bar widget customization. I just don't really like the themes (no offense guys but i want something a bit more personal).

    I would like to design the visuals of my theme in photoshop then slice it into the needed regions, and just replace the images in the folder (thus saving me any coding since i only want to change the visual look). While doing a search to see if i could accomplish this, i found this post and that is exactly what i am looking for, so here are my questions:

    Since i have no server to upload wordpress (atleast not one i can use for a personal blog) i am using the free wordpress account can i still do this? and if so what do i have to do to make it happen?

  2. Please read the big red FAQ at the head of the forum. Since we are currently using shared themes on the servers, we are unable to make personal modifications to the themes. If you were able to make a change, it would show up on everybody's blog who also used the same theme.

    You don't need a personal server to run WordPress. You can find some very reasonable hosts for under $10 a month to host your WordPress blog here and they would allow you to modify your theme.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Hi dropine,
    Everytime this question comes up, the moderators answer it in the negative, but you actually do have some customizing options with the theme Regulus - you can insert your own header image, for example. And, of course, there's always the "img src" trick for a text widget in the sidebar.

    The downside is that Regulus is very specific about the header image size; has to be 700 x 140 (something like that, the specs are under the "This Theme's Options" tab in Presentation. Good luck!

  4. That's because this question was from over a month ago when Regulus wasn't editable. :)

  5. Another question: I have tried to put an external URL to an image for regulus but it doesn't seem to work. What I then did was upload one to my wordpress and gave the URL internally, and that worked. But is this a bug and if so, where do I "file a lawsuit" for it to be fixed?

  6. How about giving us some details instead so we can help you?

    Like the name of the exernal URL?

    From the other threads we've had on this topic, I'm betting that it's either a problem with the URL or you've got it hosted somewhere that doesn't allow hotlinking.

    Oh, and you'll probably get better and quicker help and assistance without the "file a lawsuit" comments. :)

  7. I tried this one as a test:

    If I had wanted to file a lawsuit I would have left out the quotation marks. ;)

  8. If I had wanted to file a lawsuit I would have left out the quotation marks.

    Maybe using the word "please" might have been better. :)

    The image works fine for me but that might be because it's in my cache. (I'm on a terminal and its locked down so I cant clear it)

    I have it up on my test blog is you want to check it. I did notice one thing on fooling around with it though. The first time I entered it into the settings, I copied and pasted what you had linked to above and it left out the http:// It did not work that way.

    Something you can try though if you're still stuck.

    1) I would just upload it to a post and link that. You don't have to publish the post, just start a post and upload the image. Once it's on the server, it's up there for good until you delete it. If you look at your Dashboard -> Write Post -> Browse All, you can right click on the banner and use that link for the URL. Just make sure you remove the '.thumbnail' bit. That will get around your hotlinking issue.

    I was originally thinking that it may be an issue with a mark in the filename and that's what I thought first when I saw your link with the '~' mark but that seems to be OK.

    Hope this helps,

  9. drmike,

    I wasn't aware this was a support area. I thought it was an open forum area. So I apologize.

    I have uploaded onto wordpress and that seems to work fine. I wasn't aware of the upload feature until recently so I didn't know I could do that.

    Thank you for your help. If offence was taken by what was an attempt at humour then I apologize again for that.


  10. Not a problem. I still would like to know why it wasn't showing up for you but I'm glad it worked out in the end. :)


  11. help. i'm such a newbie. i have created a blog way before wordpress, blogger and e'rthing came up, but i use purrely html, meaning i have to edit all the pages of my site whenever i update. so, it sucks that i dunno how to do CSS. i really can't understand CSS, i'm just bloggin' again so, if anyone can help me transform my page into a wordpress theme, i surely will appreciate it.thanks... please.. i'm so dying to use wordpress already. i'm like im so ired of apdating all the pages when i add new links or anything. so please anyone.. this is a cry for help...

  12. Go to the second large pink sticky at the top of FAQ. It's labeled[closed] Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions here at It tells you how to get started. Hope that helps.

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