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New to WordPress - Creating and Uploading Header Banner

  1. Hello

    I am new to WordPress. I have searched and searched, but I have not been able to find instructions on how to create and upload a custom banner that I have created for my blog site. I also need to know what size the header should be. Furthermore, can I color customize my blog site?

    Your help is appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Chic Adornments

  2. There are 3 ways to customize and personalize blogs at wordpress. Two options are available at and the third is available from

    As you have linked your username here to your commercial website it will probably be a good idea for you to know that generally speaking, is for non-commercial blogs. You can confirm the advertising restrictions on blogs by reading Also note that if you have any advertising questions you can communicate directly with staff by using the feedback button on the top right hand corner of any blog page.

    If you wish to have a commercial blog then you can hire a web host and have him or her download a free blog template from and, if you have blog contents already, you can export them out of your blog and into your blog.

    The "please read me first before posting" sticky post at the head of the forum contains information that describes the differences between and

  3. And furthermore - what do you possibly think the motivation might be for person A, a highly skilled web developer, to help person B, a complete stranger, who is running a commercial web site, and to do so at no charge? Jeeez................

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