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New to wordpress need assistance with minor fixes.

  1. I need assistance with the following;

    1. What is this and why is appearing on my "posted" blog? *Filed under: Uncategorized — Reminiscent & Wonder @ 11:57 am Edit This*

    2. How does this *Uncategorized* work, my attepts to use it failed. Is there a link or video to assit me?

    3. Why does this appear on my posted blog, what is it and does it go away? *You may use these HTML tags and attributes: <abbr title=""> <acronym title=""> <b>

    <cite> <br /> <pre> <del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong> * 4. What is the difference and purpose of the "permalink and the shortlink" and how do I use them to direct traffic to my page? 5. If there is a link that will allow me to watch a videos could you post it here for me.</strong></em></pre>

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We organize all posts in our blog by assigning categories and/or tags to them when we create them. Thses categories and.or tags provide retrieval means for those who are searching for information on specific topics.

    Uncategorized is the default category. If you wish you can replace it with another category you create but there must be a default category.

    When we publish a post the post will automatically appear on the Categories/Tags pages we assigned to the post and in the Archives. We do nothing the software does it for us. There must be at least one published post in any category or tag in order for that category or tag to display.

    The Global Tag Listings at aggregate all published posts attached to any particular tag or category, and display our most popular topics.

    The code you see displayed for comments is for the convenience of your readers. It states which codes can be used in their comments. Note that this cannot be removed with a CSS upfrade and experience with CSS editing. Note also that removing it does a disservice to your commenters.

  3. I recommend that you use the step by step tutorial Staff has provided here to learn how to blog on software.

  4. OOPS! I made a mistake in the second to last sentence in my first reply.

    Edited version: Note that this cannot be removed without a paid annually renewable CSS upgrade and experience with CSS editing as you would have to do the removal or hiding of it on the CSS stylesheet yourself.

  5. Timethief, as much as I appreciated your comments and links provided, I really believe that each of my detailed (1-5) questions were not answered. I started my information quest in the "are you new here" helpful resources, I did review and read the staff links, but none of that told me why items are appearing on my page.

    I believe what I am attempting to say in a few words is I am frustrated and I was under the impression that I could get support in the support forum. So, is it possible to get assistance from someone who looks at the issue (the blog in question) and then convey to me what I am doing incorrectly, because pointing me to links with two thousand plus words is not really helping me.

    Thanks again.

  6. I'm sorry I didn't answer 4. & 5.

    Shortlinks and permalinks are used on social media sites and social networking sites to promote blog posts.

    You may already be using one of the popular URL shorteners, such as or TinyURL, to publish links on Twitter or other services. has its own URL shortening feature,, so that you can quickly and easily get shortened links to your blog posts and pages and share them to the world. </blockquotes>

    If you are new to or if you are interested in supplementing your knowledge I can recommend a comprehensive tutorial. The Learn tutorial is divided into progressive levels and presented as a series.
    See also >
    This may be helpful too. >

  7. I do not know what you mean by a link that allows you to watch videos. Do you want to post videos on your blog? If so the instruction are found in support documentation at this link. >

    If you want a link to where there are instructional videos here it is. >

  8. That link above for wordpress TV is wrong. This one is correct

    I have looked at your blog several times and cannot isolate what it is that you are frustrated with and in what way I can help you other than by providing relevant links. The tutorial that Staff have prepared is a step by step learn to blog at approach. I believe you will benefit from using it.

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