new to wordpress… where do i start?

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    Hi there,
    I am completely new to and, honestly, I have no clue as to what I’m doing. I can post and all that, but as far as customization goes, I’m lost. Where should I start?



    I visited your blog and think you’re doing great. At the bottom of your dashboard page just above forum you will find wordpress documentation. It’s like a text you can refer to and learn from. If you felt so inclined you could have a category for your interests like (I making some up as examples)swimming, tennis, boys, fashion, friends, museums, gallerys, concerts, etc. You could also create some “links” to sites you like to visit frequently. Cheers.



    You have a theme. You’ve created pages. You’ve posted to your blog. You seem to be doing pretty well.

    To customize, you might want to look through all the themes available on the Presentation section of your Dashboard. You could add some sidebar widgets, but they aren’t absolutely necessary to the function of your blog. Is there anything specific that you’re after?



    Thanks for replying! Okay, how do I add links and sidebar widgets? I was trying to add links in the bookmarks section but they don’t show on my blog.

    One other thing, all my posts and editing have been right from I haven’t installed the WordPress software… do I need to?



    I haven’t really tried the bookmarks yet, I find it easier to simply add the links via text widgets. You can find the widget selection page in your dashboard under Presentation> Sidebar Widgets. Don’t be afraid to play around with the dashboard. As long as you don’t delete your blog, it’s okay. :)

    And no, you don’t need to install anything at all.



    Thanks waitinghere, I totally missed that sidebar widgets section. That’s exactly what I was looking for.



    If I go into ‘presentation’, all there seems to be is several different ‘themes’. How do I customise them – I can’t see a link to ‘sidebar widgets’…



    When you go into ‘Presentation’, look above where it shows your current theme. There’s a bar that says ‘themes’ and, next to it, ‘sidebar widgets’.



    Is this your very first time to blogging? If it is, and if you’re going to post alot of pictures, it’s best to have them on thumbnails so that your visitors who are on dial-up can easily view and get through your site. is real good for lots of pictures from a set of pictures. Imageshack is okay. But one time Imageshack actually banned me because I uploaded too many images. lol



    Thanks for the tip, nosysnoop. The only problem with is that it hijacks my browser. lol. Flickr’s pretty good, though.



    IMO nosysnoop is giving you very good advice on pictures. Thumbnails are best and it’s best to err on the side to “not too many” if you really want people to visit your blog and not get frustrated due to the time it takes to download if they are on dial-up.
    I’m a newbie too. I just started blogging on April 8th but I’ve noticed that most folks are not checking out the good stuff found in documentation before coming to the forum for help.
    The wordpress forum is actually for technical support only. The idea is to use it only after you have used the documentation, FAQ, and also checked the previous forum entries but still can’t find the information you need. In other words the WordPress forum is not meant to function as a chat room but I admit that I’ve been far too chatty most of the time I’ve posted in it.
    Below is only part of the information you will find links to by first clicking on documentation.

    Getting Started with WordPress

    * Getting Started with WordPress
    * New To WordPress – Where to Start
    * WordPressMU and NEW!
    * Installation
    * Installation Help

    * Special Installations
    * WordPress in Your Language
    * Posting in WordPress

    * WordPress for Beginners
    * WordPress Lessons
    * File and Plugin Management
    * WordPress Plugins
    * FAQ New To WordPress

    I hope this helps.



    I believe that TT is discusing the links off of the first question within the FAQ.

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