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new to wordpress - word count

  1. Can I increase the word count in blogs? Its keeping me to 340 but my blog is longer.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can increase the size of your word box. Go to your Dashboard - Settings - Writing - then increase the amount of lines in your box. This helped me, hope it works for you.

  3. rivertowninn
    Your answer may or may not be accurate. Without a link to the original poster's blog, we really don't know. When you want to give a good answer to a technical question, you need some more detailed information than over there.

    Also, as I noted to you a few minutes ago, the blog linked to your name has been deleted. Do you have a blog? It appears you have mostly participated in the "off-topic" section of this forum.

  4. Sorry, pressed send too soon:
    by "over there" I meant in the "off topic" forum...

  5. foodmuses
    Please provide a link to your blog when asking questions in the forum. Often we need to see that in order to know if you are in the correct forum. Or sometimes taking a look at the blog in question will get a good answer more quickly to you.

    Can you clarify your question: Do you not have space in the editor to write more than 340 words (and the editor does not scroll?) Exactly what are you trying to do?


    The problem appears to be anytime I try to copy and paste from Microsoft Word. Not a word count issue after all. I've had one response from word press but no other replies. Is Word the wrong place to prepare my posts?

  7. I found their reply and thought I would share:

    There has been a change in the way the editor reads in content that is pasted from Microsoft Word. The code generated by Word, and other rich text editors, was causing conflicts with the code at

    Formatting should be done on the editor, not inside Microsoft Word. If you want to continue to use Microsoft Word to write content, keep it very simple and then add the formatting in the editor later.

    If you have Microsoft Word 2007, you can try the "New Blog Post" function in that program. Another alternative would be to use a desktop application such as Windows Live Writer. It will allow you to blog offline and is a much better alternative to using rich text editors to compose posts.


  8. That is good. Pasting from Word was never a good idea. It messed up, broke, and caused problems for many bloggers.
    Live Writer is apparently excellent.
    (sorry, I'm on a Mac so I can't personally attest…)

  9. Yes, live writer is excellent. Thanks to live writer, i so far have NOT had formatting problems. type "live writer" on the search box and you'll probably see my post as well as the posts from others who also use live writer.

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