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    im new and was wondering:
    how secure the password protection is on the post?
    what is Optional Excerpt used for?
    why is there a selection for post status? ahd what do they mean?
    can i change a grope of passoerds (say everything taged with work had a password, could i change them at once, or would i have to do them post by post)
    how much room do i have for files on word press?
    how do track backs work?

    thanks for your help



    Lol!The password protection it’s so secure you can’t see your own post.
    I let the other questions for the others to answer.



    WOW! That’s the last time I make a post at 2:45am with out spellchecker. Allow me to rephrase that for everyone.

    I’m new to Word Press and was wondering:
    How secure is the password protection n the posts?
    What is optional excerpt used for?
    What is the personal option under post status?
    Can I change a group of passwords at the same time? Say everything tagged with work had the same password, could I change them at once, or would I have to do them post by post?
    how much memory does the server allow for files (photos) on word press?
    How do trackbacks work?
    Thanks for your help



    I’m afraid I can only answer a couple of your questions. The server allows for 25mb of photo data. As for trackbacks…using a trackback is like signaling another blog. If someone writes a cool blog post and you want to let them know you can use a trackback in your post to let them know. WordPress uses a ping to signal the other blog. It’s kinda like an advanced way to quote another person.



    Post Status: They mean just what they say:

    Draft, you can write a post designate it “draft” and save it. At a later date call it up to either finish writing it or edit then save as draft or publish it.

    “can i change a grope…” You misunderstand what the password of for. It is used to PW protect as post. A PW protected post/entry would only show the headline and a place to enter the PW. It’s used to keep only those you desire access to certain entries/posts. EDIT In looking at your site I see you have a PW’d entry. As far as I know you would need to change the PW on each entry you place one on.

    Trackback TB’s are meant for a way to “further a discussion.”

    Example: You have a post (blog A) about apple pie. Your friend also has one (Blog B). To use TB place the TB url from Blog B in the TB section of your write page. (it’s under the upload section) The TB url is normally located on the comment page of many themes. although some have the url on the index page.

    There is a bit or courtesy involved using TB’s It is considered good practice to place somewhere in the text of your post a link to Blog B’s post that you TB’d to. That link is the permalink url. (i.e. the one that contains the title)

    Example: “…. and that’s my apple pie recipe. Betty also has a very good recipe at her site.” Her site would be linked to her post permalink.

    Keep in mind this generally the etiquette iinvolved. Some bloggers overlook it, but many will delete a TB comment on the blog it a permalink to their post isn’t included in your post.



    To add to my list of questions I just noticed that you cannot add video to a post (such as from Google video) why is that?
    Oh and what is / how do I use the optional excerpt?

    ps thanks for the replies so far they helped



    Optional excerpt is generally only shown in the RSS feed or a theme like Hemingway.

    You can’t embed Google Video because it requires JS and we don’t currently allow that.



    Simple question I hope from a newbie WordPresser…where do I find the trackback URL for my own posts? Does its location vary based on theme?




    It’s always the permalink with /trackback/ on the end.

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