New to WP but a little familiar with css

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    is it possible to have transparency with the themes here?

    here’s my site

    i want my wp to be similar to it. but like i said, i’m only A LITTLE familar with CSS. the CSS i used weren’t made by me. i just copy pasted one and modified a few things like color, background, and font.

    help a newbie?? :D



    For CSS, you are effectively on your own. Staff don’t offer any support and there are only two or three people who really know what they’re doing who contribute to the forum, and they don’t undertake big rewrites. They’ll offer suggestions on how to bold titles or move footers around, that kind of thing.

    I suggest you read the CSS references posted in the FAQ and try things out in the free preview before purchasing the upgrade. And if you’re going to post warez and copyrighted things like albums to download as you said in the other thread, don’t bother buying any upgrades, because your blog will be deleted by staff.



    Get the CSS transparency of a theme from your ‘Edit CSS’. The link to it is in the option “Add this to the bla-bla-bla theme’s CSS style-sheet”.

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