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    I’m new to WP but I have some experience with web development. I want to switch my site over to a WP powered site, I have started with the Twenty Twelve theme. My workflow has been to modify the site on a local machine and sync with my host. In WP all of the HTML seems to be generated in PHP. What is the best way to start customizing? I created a child theme but there was no concrete way to know which code to override/add. Some reading I did indicated there were versions of themes for a cost that had more options in the Appearance pullout. I want control over colors, fonts, images. Does WP have a CSS editor?
    Lastly, I want to have the menu bar act as the category selector. Would I create an actual page that filtered by category and link to that? Or do I set it up to filter the main page?
    Thank you for your time.



    You are in the wrong forum and need to be at WordPress.ORG for help with that version of the software. This site is for support with blogs only running a different form of software and we cannot help you with that.

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