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New topic/post "Title" tag

  1. Im using K2, and in the add new topic, only the text body has an editable codeview. The TITLE has no option to change the title text size so I would like to do so via the css. Which tag in the default KS css is the one that define the new post title specs?

    Many thanks

    A new guy

  2. Is your blog hosted at If not, you should be over at, as the answers will vary depending on which kind of blog you have.

  3. /nod to raincoaster
    I think this may be the blog he or she is referring to, although we will have to await confirmation

    Aside to staff: I think the time has come for staff to make adjustments to the forum posting box. I would like to see that a space is required for the blog url so that in order to post to the forum a url is required.

  4. Yes, that is correct URL. And Im pretty sure Im Thanks gentlemen!

  5. In your CSS you need h3.entry-title {whatever}

  6. Thanks. I see that css tag. Am I correct in assuming that by entering "New" css info will over write, or at least take precedence over, the default CSS definitions?

  7. Yes, that's correct. So save before you start making changes!

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