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New Twitter embed totally inelegant

  1. The old Twitter embeds used to be elegant and added great aesthetics to blog posts, at least the way I integrate them with my content. The recent improvement took all that away leaving too many posts looking poorly formatted, in my opinion. Starting with a new post from last night, I had to manually screen capture a tweet and inserting into post as an image just so the blog post contains all images centre aligned.

    The original Twitter Blackbird Pie Embed feature worked so beautifully in that tweets are automatically stretched to flush with width of theme. That's all gone with the new feature leaving posts with mix alignment issues such as thoe here sigh!

    Please make default Twitter Embeds to fit the width of theme or at the very least automatically centre them in post.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Jan, have a look here: It's possible to use a new shortcode to align tweets.

  3. Hi,

    I have tried all valid shortcode switches and none of them worked the way I wanted them. The width= switch I suspect only shortens from its hard-coded default of 'x' value. I tried width='620' which is the width of my images and theme and it didn't do anything. The default value is much shorter. All I want is for every tweet embeds to flush with the theme's max width.

  4. How about the Media Settings>Auto Embeds. Is there a width noted there? If so, maybe remove it and see if your tweets don't realign.

    A note of caution: Changing this setting will affect all auto-embeds, not only tweets.

  5. Have just tried this and doesn't overwrite default Twitter embeds, unfortunately.

  6. Jan, if you want to at least temporarily fix this till staff does something with it, add this to the bottom of your custom CSS. The original "max-width" was 550px.

    .twp-container {
    max-width: 100%;
  7. Hi TSP,

    Do you increase the Twitter Embed width by increasing the % value? I've added your suggested code, played with 120% and nothing changed. Cleared cache too and it's the same.

  8. Jan, this is so weird. I did it the first time with Firebug and poof, full width (or nearly full width).

    Let me play with this a little. Something is seriously strange here.

  9. Jan, the twitter stuff has its own CSS file and they are loading that after the custom CSS apparently (and also using the !important attribute) and I now cannot get it to override.

    I should have taken a screenshot of it at full width after my Firebug change.

    Looking through the twt.css file, they have used "!important" on everything (seriously, each declaration has an !important on it) apparently to keep you from overriding any of the styling.

    Firebug sometimes fails me and this was one of those times where it showed things changing, but things actually didn't change.

  10. Staff need to revisit this change as I agree with you it looks like poor or incomplete design when viewing the site.

  11. Sigh. I cannot imagine going into all my posts and editing each Twitter embeds with align='center' just so they default centred instead of now flushed to the left. Wow what a mess and I suspect very few people embed tweets and take presentation as seriously as I do on mine. I sent a tweet to @TwitterAPI about this see if they bothered to reply me. Judging from your finding, I doubt they'll give us any latitude to reformat tweets the way we want.

  12. Let's hope that they will take a look and say, yeah, this looks bad and make some adjustments. It will definitely have to be on their end because we can't change anything through CSS here it looks like.

  13. Jan, give this a try. If it works, it's a band-aid, but at least it is something.

    .twp-container {
        margin-right: auto !important;
        margin-left: auto !important;
  14. No change. I appreciate the time you're putting into this.

  15. No, wait. Did you mean for the Embeds to be centred? They should be based on the code but they're not for some reason. They're aligned slightly to the left.

  16. Here's a screen cap to better illustrate.

  17. Messing with the code a bit, I took out the second line and the embeds are more centred now. Honestly, I have very little clue what does what but slightly better aesthetics there than before.

    .twp-container {

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