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    I tried using the new retweet button on While the tweet I retweeted is appearing in my profile on twitter ( (the one about the Santa Monica cultural affairs manager) it is not getting picked up in the twitter widget I have in my sidebar on my blog ( Is this a bug in the widget that doesn’t account for the new retweet function, or is this the way it is designed to work? If this is by design, then the new retweet button is useless to me.

    The blog I need help with is


    On your blog, this is what I’m seeing as the latest:

    ARTRA pics up @tryharderart: 2 hours ago

    Which is the latest showing at .

    Clear your browser cache and reload your blog.



    I think you misunderstood me. The tweets that I make myself are coming through fine. The one tweet where I clicked on the new “Retweet” button on the twitter website did not come through on the feed. There should have been a tweet between “RT @MOCAlosangeles William Leavitt, Allen Ruppersberg & Carole Ann Klonarides talk about life before MOCA tomorrow nite” and “RT @tylergreendc: Looking forward to seeing how the story around Richard Serra’s landmark ‘Shift’ plays out:” It appears on my twitter profile but not on the blog. I’ve also tested using the twitter generated widget on another website and these “Twitter Retweets” (using the website button) do not come through on that either. I’m beginning to think this is the way it is designed. Which means no new “Twitter Retweet” button for me. I’ll keep doing it the old fashioned way, or just reword everything and make it my own.



    The rt’s show up if you’re using Tweetdeck. Sounds like Twitter needs to do some fixing.



    that’s because twitter got the brilliant idea of now basically counting retweets as not your own tweets…As you’ll notice on the twitter timeline those that use the new retweet buttons, it’s not shown the classic “RT @” way, it shows the person that originally made the comment, even if you’re not following them.

    Tweetdeck and other services don’t process the retweets the same thats why they appear.



    Hmm, I hope Twitter changes this, I definitely want my retweets to show in my blog.

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