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New Type of 4-Column Theme?

  1. Here's a question for all aspiring WordPress Theme designers: I have an idea for a blog concept that splits the screen in half, where on the right would be a side bar and all posts corresponding to one category, and the left side would be a side bar (now on the far left) and all posts corresponding to a second category (sort of like two blogs in one).

    Anyone have an idea how that would work in CSS/Wordpress?


  2. I don't know about being able to have one category of post on one side of the screen and one on the other. Though, you can play with my blog design, but trust me, I already tried to do that 4 column thing and it looked horribly bulky unless you make the text extra small.

  3. I'm sure someone out there can accept my challenge! I'd can sacrifice the side bars, and perhaps have a screen wide section at the top under the masthead...

    The gauntlet has been dropped!

  4. Well, why don't you learn CSS and try to do this yourself, why present a challenge to us. One finds great gratitude in doing for self. Though, if you do attempt to try this, then feel free to come back to the forum for any questions.

  5. I'm pretty sure that it will require modification of the underlying theme files to achieve what you want (and we do not have access to those files), and if it is something that is doable via CSS, there is likely only one person here with the knowledge or experience to do it and that would be devblog.

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