New user having trouble with blog appearance, categories not showing

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    Hello. Total newbie here!

    I think the theme template I’m using for my blog is called Bueno. I chose it because there would be categories at the top for readers to click on.

    I’ve written 3 posts and I’ve created categories called “writing” and “book reviews” and I’ve checked the appropriate category off when I created the post. There is also a default cagegory called “uncategorized”.

    The blog posts appear one after the other but there is no top header categories where a person could click and review the blog posts for that category.

    Except for “about”. That does show up on the top right.

    I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or if someone could suggest a different appearance theme I could choose to get the blog to do show categories on top.

    The other thing I did was add a widget for anyone who wants to follow by email. I know its working because I’ve had a couple of followers sign up. When I set up the widget it was a case of dragging and dropping it to a section to the right that says “Sidebar” and then below that “Footer 1” “Footer 2” and “Footer 3”. The only place it would allow me to drag the “follow by email” widget was “Sidebar” and that’s where it sits. I tried to drag it to the footers it wouldn’t stay there.

    Not that any of that is a problem but I wondered if that was affecting the categories not showing at the top.

    Prior to me putting that “follow by email” widget in there was a group of 4 words/categories sitting there to the right sidebar when I looked at the blog. I can’t remember the 4 names but I think one of them said “meta”. I was trying to figure out how to get rid of them but they’ve now all disappeared now from the right sidebar. Again that doesn’t really bother me because I had no idea why they were there showing up there and didn’t seem to serve any purpose. I suppose the “follow by email” widget displaced them.

    I also have an invisible statcounter set up somewhere on this blog. I don’t remember where I set it up – I did it a few months ago before I was doing anything with the blog. I’m not sure if that is affecting the categories not showing at the top. I’m not even sure where I’d go again to find out where I set up the counter.

    So that’s an overview of the things I’ve been doing with the blog just in case any of that is affecting why I can’t see any clickable categories at the top. Have I missed any steps to activate the categories showing on the blog?

    Thanks for any help!

    The blog I need help with is

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