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New user help if possible

  1. Hello, i am trying to see if their is a widget that allows me to sell products from my site. I have the woocommerce thingy, and i want to sell shirts and stuff that allow poeple to set sizes and such prior to purchase like a drop down menu. I am still pretty new at this and any help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. e-commerce is not allowed at WordPress.COM - they blogs will not accept the e-commerce tools - you can only sell things you PERSONALLY make or your site will be suspended

    To do what you want to do you need to find a different host (and pay them) install WordPress.ORG software (free) and set up your own site

  3. I am sorry, i think i got this confused, i do not wish to sell from my wordpress blog. i have a wordpress website that i paid for, is this the same wordpress? that is what i wanted to know if their is an app, for my website not this blog thingy lol.

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