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New User: How do I make new posts show up before old posts on main page?

  1. Trying to make my blog posts show up in ascending order, from newest to oldest (i.e Jan 30th, Jan 29th, Jan 28th)? It's currently the other way around.. (Jan 28th, 29th, 30th)

    Don't really know what to look for lol. :(

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you referring to issue pertaining with this blog address ? »

  3. If you are asking about this blog linked to your name:

    You have 2 posts dated 31 March 2010.
    Testing WordPress Blog is a sticky post
    Stop the Presses… is a regular post

    Edit your test post, go to visibility, and select "public" and untick "stick this post to the front page"

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh. Would you look at that. lol. Ooops.

    Sorry about that. Still getting the hang of WP. hehe

    Thanks for the help 1tess :)

  5. @mrdefender
    You are most welcome.
    No apologies, please!! We were all new once!
    This forum is great: don't hesitate to ask a question—there are many volunteers to help.

  6. @mrdenfender Oh wow you're pretty new to WordPress only 20hours into your blogging adventure so welcome to = ) I also 2nd what tess said there is very helpful volunteers here in the forums.

  7. @mrdefender
    Here's some advice. Sticky posts are best used on a temporary basis only. Readers come to our blogs to read our most recent content. If you insist on having one on your front page you are compelling your regular and returning visitors to scroll past it every time they access your site. This is an annoyance. Also note that in some themes using sticky posts results in search engine spiders not finding your latest content.

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