New user; insertion point jumps around and keeps going to top of the page

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    Hi everyone,
    When trying to create a new post or to edit a post, I make an insertion point by putting the cursor where I want it and left click the mouse button, and the insertion point keeps moving to somewhere else. Or sometimes it will let me type a couple of words before it moves the insertion point, Also, if I’m working on a post, and I’m half way down the page, my edit page keeps jumping to the very top of the page (and sometimes it lets me type a few words before jumping). I can’t keep the insertion point OR the page where I want it.
    I tried different computers with different keyboard/mice, but so far WordPress is nearly unusable. The only way i can use it is to re-do everything on MS Word and copy/paste into WordPress.

    Any ideas what is going on?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Are you making your post with this link?!/post/
    Or with this link?


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    I don’t think this will help with your current question, but this is a useful tutorial to get acquainted with the platform:



    Thanks for replying,
    the link would be



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    I had a similar problem as you describe a few years ago, where the cursor would jump around. There were also other problems on other sites, and using different browsers.

    But I’m sorry not to be able to offer specific advice: my memory fails. I use Macs and can recall doing something with resetting our router: unplugging it and then plugging it back in, but I don’t know the details anymore except trying to read the Mac help forums.

    I’ll modlook this topic so subscribe in order to be notified of any new posts. Another volunteer or a staff person will see the tag and help you.



    Thank you for trying to help. I will keep an eye out for additional posts.

    I will add some additional information, in case it helps someone diagnose the problem.

    I’m using a PC (not MAC).

    It is kind of like composing an e-mail, and when Yahoo outomatically saves a draft while I’m typing, it stops my typing and I have to re-insert the cursor (insertion point) and re-type some of it.

    I hope that helps.

    Thanks again for trying.



    Exact same situation her! I used IE8 and this happens, try Chrome or Firefox.

    If you go to your Dashboard and it tells you that your brower is outdated, it’s probably time to install a newer one. Older versions may have issues with displaying things…




    You identified the problem (and sollution), thank you!

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