New user not getting confirmation email (purgatory?)

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    I have a willing but not super technically saavy author to add to a group blog. (

    I invited him over a week ago using his email. He didn’t click through (I think was thrown by the idea of starting his own blog instead of joining existing one.)

    On last Friday, I created a user name for him using his email. I had him log on to his email. No confirmation email came. Nor by two days later. Attempts to create account again with same username/email get “that usernmae is reserved message”). Attempts to have lost password sent to him state email is not a confirmed user.

    So, he seems to be in some kind of username purgatory.

    He has checked trash and junk folders for confirmation email.
    I’d rather not burden him with a gmail or other account.

    Any ideas? Does WP>com sometimes have snags in sending confirmation emails? Is Friday a bad time?



    Sad. No one knows the answer?



    I literally JUST had the same problem with my own account. I was looking for help on the site, but couldn’t post anything since I wasn’t an official member yet. As soon as I fixed it, I wanted to make sure I got to your post to help!

    All the way on the bottom of the screen, if you click the “Support” link, there’s a form to fill out. I filled it out with my info (put the info of the new account) and told them that I still haven’t received my confirmation email. Within minutes I got a response from someone with a link to activate.

    Hope this helps!


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