New User trying to use file editor in your WordPress Admin panel

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    If I login into my newly created blog, then click on the link ‘Change your site’s look or theme’, I am taken to the Themes tab, if I click on the Theme editor, at the bottom of the Theme editor it reads ‘If this file were writable you could edit it.’

    The following is a copy and paste from somewhere in WordPress documentation

    [using the built in file editor in your WordPress Admin panel.]

    Is this the same thing as the theme-editor?

    I FTPed into my server and chmod setting of the wp-admin/theme-editor.php file

    It has Read Write permissions, then why am I unable to edit and update the file using the Theme editor?

    Do I have to open the theme-editor.php, style.css, header.php, and other files with a Text Editor to edit these files, then FTP them?

    As for the Customize Permalink Structure, does anyone have suggestions on which option is more beneficial?



    Have you read the sticky post called “Please read me first”?
    Reading it is important because it points out the differences between blogs hosted here by and software downloaded from and by hosted anyone other than

    It sounds to me like you are in the wrong forum. We do not have access to our underlying template files at and you apparently do. We do not have FTP uploading and we cannot customize our permalink structure. Also note that the css customization feature is for blogs only.

    We only provide support here for hosted blogs. We cannot help you here because our software is different from the software that you have installed.

    And, if you had read the sticky post I would not have had to type all this in reply to you. The bottom line is that you ought to be in this forum

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