New visual/code editor not working in Safari 3.0.2?

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    HTML tags disappear when switching from visual to code or to view, especially the <p> tags.

    It works in Firefox.

    Any plans about fixing this soon?

    Thank you!



    I think there is a development ticket on this issue. It is a problem with Safari that seems to not be fixed even with their latest release. It doesn’t work for me properly either on my macbook or imac.




    Thanks, Trent, for the quick response.

    I look forward to the fix. In the meantime I’ll use Firefox.




    I was having no problem at all until yesterday. I was beginning to think I was crazy. Have there been changes to the editor recently? It looks different and well, I can’t do code at all.



    We volunteers have no idea what the staff are up to and what changes they may or may not be working one. Do you have another browser like firefox or camino that you can use?


    According to TinyMCE – the makers of of the visual rich text editor used by wordpress, support for Safari (all versions) is still listed as “experimental” or “partial.” Current choices for Mac users (of which I am one) is to download and use Firefox or Camino, or to use an off-line editor. Timethief has a great roundup of what is available both for Mac and PC. I’m currently using Ecto.


    Oops, forgot to include the link to timethief’s post on the editors:



    I am having the same problem. Why cant we have sites that work in all browsers? video won’t play in Camino, So I switched to Safari. Now this won’t work in Safari. I guess I will have to give FireFox a try. I wish Camino reported itself to websites as FireFox…


    Good question and when you get an answer let us know. As was stated above, TinyMCE doesn’t yet support Safari.

    Firefox is by far the most compatible browser (Windows or Mac) for working with wordpress and the TinyMCE editor works like a dream with it.

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