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New VodPod videos in my blog are not showing :(

  1. Hi there,
    first i am sorry if there is already a topic for this problem, but i couldn't find any, so i am making a new one.

    Since yesterday all the videos that i post in my blog using vodpod are not showing...
    For example - you can see only a black bar where the video is suppose to be. I thought it may be a problem with (the video is from there), so i try with youtube - - the same result (black square).

    I check it from work too, and i still don't see the video so the problem is not from my browser.
    The strangest thing is that i can see the video on my vodpod video wall on the right, but it is not showing in the post :( but everything that i post before yesterday is working just fine...

    Thanks for the time, and i hope that the problem will be solved soon \or we will discover that i am missing something\ :D

    Best regards,
    Marto Tonev

  2. Hi- looks as if we're having a problem with embeds today, we're investigating and will get back to you shortly. Mark (from vodpod)

  3. I have exactly the same problem as you. It worked fine a couple of days ago but not now. Maybe something wrong with Vodpod?


  4. @aatox

    Look at the post right above yours.

  5. 10x for the response, looking forward for the solution :)

    Marto Tonev

  6. Hi-- video embeds with the "Posted to WordPress" button should all be fine now. Thanks for your patience.

  7. Looks perfect now! :)
    10x one more time.

    Keep the good work ;)

  8. Same here, working fine now :-)
    Thank you very much!

  9. I emailed vodpod directly. I had the same problem. It works now, but seems to have a delay (at least in my case). I emailed them about that too, so I expect progress.

    BTW, thanks for that button, vodpod. Love it!

  10. But is uploading to VodPod still disabled??

  11. osmanedosbatuque

    When editing (i.e. writing) the respective video line (i.e. [vodpod=....] ), it has to be done in the html modus, not in the visual modus. When using HTML modus it works fine!

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